Saturday, February 26, 2011

Injection for BB JY

Yesterday brought BB JY to PPUM for his 6 month's old injection.
There were lots of BB queuing for the injection.
BB JY is very active, he refused to sit tight & tying to crawl from my sit to the next chair..grabbing the aunty's handbag who is sitting next to us.
I had a hard time maintaining him in good position, because he is moving all the time.

While waiting his turn for the injection, we saw 1 Chinese lady holding her BB..the little BB girl has fallen asleep & laying on her mother's back ~ so sweet. We chat for a while & she told me JY is very active & healthy, I told her I'm still BF him.
We were happy coz we shared the same - we were BF mommies.

A note of my BF stories
It wasn't easy during my BF journey for JY. I've been sick & depressed due to no milk for my boy. Yet, I was happy that I've close friends whom encourage me & advise me what can I do to improve lactation. I would say family support plays the most important part.

To recall back, during my confinement this round, I was treated very badly by my confinement lady. She cooked only once a day for me & no tonics were prepared for me. She even gave me overnight or left-over dishes. But this doesn't stopped me to stop BF my boy. She even criticized me for BF my boy as she told that BM is lack of nutrition due to my condition.

Well, I was indeed down & upset with her during that time. Yet, I still insist on BF and I want her to know that I could do better than that.

A special thanks to my mother, whom have help me & gave me moral support for breast feeding my little JY.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Getting twins to be ready to pre-school

I've been wondering if I should send my twins to kindergarten / pre-school once they reach 3yrs old. My mom has reminded me that when kids start schooling, their immune system will reduce & they can easily get infected & fall sick.
Mom is worried if twins at the same time fall sick & BB JY is also infected, 3 kiddos falling sick at the same are we going to cope up with that?

Well, I can't be selfish that keeping my twins at house all the while. It's time for them to explore & socialize with other kids & learning things. So I decided to send them for a pre-school by April after we've move to out new house & settle down.

At the mean time, me & mom is busy training twins about schooling..what they need to do there & etc. Last night we had a talk with twins.
Mama : Gege, do you want to go to school like Sammy jie jie?
(Sammy is my hubby's cousin sister girl)
KH : Yes..I want to go to school.
(My boy noded is head & smiles at me...heart melted hehe)
Mama : How about mei mei? Do you want to follow gege to shcool?
(I asked my girl as she seems not responding at all.)
EQ : Nope, I don't want to go. I want to stay with popo at house.
Popo : You still can see popo after you come back from school.
Popo will be cooking lunch for you all while you in school.
EQ : OK..but I want to follow popo.
Mama : But, you & gege always fighting at house. Will you be fighting at school later?
(Worrying & asking my twins)
Twins : Nope, we won't fight & be "guai guai". We want to go to school...

Well, not sure if twins kept them promise. But, I'm worried about their adaptation in the new environment. Wish me luck & I shall have new updates about my twins schooling stories in near future.

(Twins at 1 yr old)

(Twins at 2 yrs old)

(Twins at 2 yrs, 11 months)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

My little JY BB

My little JY has grown up. He's 6 months ++ now.
From tiny little BB till now trying on cereal.
Well, proud to announce that BB JY is a fully breast feed BB.

Breast feeding has not been easy for me, yet I'm trying my very best to BF him.
I've been sick for 3 weeks recently & now is still in the progress of recovering.
During this period, I'm glad that my nanny has managed to feed him with rice cereal & at the moment, JY seems can sensed that mommy has been critically sick and not able to play & carry him as usual.

I shall summarized JY's happening n short :-
Weight : 8.035kg (on 08/02/2011)
Height : 69.2cm (on 08/02/2011)
Favorite milk : MM's nen nen (hehe)
Favorite toy : My "busuk bantal"
Favorite stunt : Crawling at the age of 6 months from mattress to the floor
(BB JY loves to do stunt everyday. He likes to crawl now...kacau elder brother & sister's toys)

What's his activities now?
Sitting by his own, crawling, singing (in his BB language), eye clinking ,playing with his saliva & putting soft toys into his mouth!

Twins (KH & EQ) has been good to BB JY.
They'll pass toys to him & remind him not to suck fingers & the toys.
Cute? Yeah..only when they are in the good mood.
Sometimes when BB Jy "accidentally" takes "their belongings", they'll start shouting back at BB JY. Poor BY will be staring them innocently.

I do hope that while 3 kiddos grow older, they can learn & share things together.
I just hope so.
Sharing failed for my twins...don't think it'll works with JY + twins as well ~ Sigh!

(JY at 2 months old)

(JY at 5 months old)

(JY at 6 months old)

(Me & BB JY at Dong Tze Temple during CNY, BB JY refused to look at the camera for all the photos taken on that day~ Sigh!)


Did you noticed something?
BB JY is "becoming" fairer & fairer each month...yeah....nanny says this might due to the power of BF..hooray ^_^