Wednesday, May 4, 2011

BB JY is down with Fever ^(^

BB JY is down with fever since last Sunday. He starts cranky, refused on porridge & only wants papa to hug / carry him. Poor BB is teething time for him now, with 4 teeths coming out. He's very heaty as I can feel it while I was breastfeeding him.

Due to continues fever, we brought him to Dr. Chan's clinic on Monday evening. We were lucky as the clinic is still open & not many people in it. Dr Chan says BB was too heaty & got mild inflammation, gave him fever medicine & for inflammation & reminded us to bring him back for reconsultation if fever is still on.

Today it's the 3rd day since the visit, and BB JY is still with fever. I was thinking to admit him to Sunway Medical Center for a proper checkup, yet papa is against it. I'll need to call nanny by noon to check his status & to decide later for the admittance.

BB JY has lost much of his weight this few days due to his sickness.
His chin is pointed & sharp, can't see his chubbiness now..sob sob
I were told breast feeding kids were more healthier, but is seems that I was wrong, they can still get sick easily.

I was still relief that JY still wants his milk during his sickness. Twins has been very cooperative knowing that their little brother has falled sick. They even try to make him smile by playing with him, yet JY seems not interesting in it at all.

This is the photo taken last month while 3 kiddos staring at the wondow in living room. How I miss JY's chubbiness..hi hi

Lets cross fingers that BB JY is much better by then.