Saturday, March 10, 2012

Twins at KidZania, The Curve

As it was twins 4th birthday today. So, I've decided to bring twins to KidZania, The Curve for some outdoor activities. Not much information was obtain from their website, so I only manage to survey some forum & a MM's blog & sharing about this.

I've told papa about this earlier on, and he wondered is I'm able to handle 2 kiddos at the same time. This morning, I gave assurance to him that I'll be fine with twins there.

We left at 10am++ from Puchong, it was pretty jam at LDP & twins started impatiently asking me when will we be reaching the place. I calm them down by telling them games which they can play there.

It wasn't an easy task to drive with kids during heavy traffic jam!
Luckily we made it - at 11am we reached the place!

After registering & etc, we finally step in KidZania!
It was pretty cool with lots of workstation for role play, yet queueing is a big problem there.

Due to school holidays, there were long queen in every workstation.
Fastest takes about 20-30 minutes & we are only allowing to play until 3pm sharp!
It was tough for us, especially with twins!

We just manage to play 3 or 4 role play games!
What did the twins did :-
a.repairing car - twins learnt about car's engine & servicing the car
It was nice as twins get to know about how an engine looks like, wiping & cleaning the car. Twins earn 8 kiddos points for this "job"!

b.painting class - twins get chance to paint the drawing which they choose
(well, to me this can be done at house too - Sigh!)
EQ was very serious in painting the drawing, while KH finished his very fast, in fact <10 minutes!
See what's their painting:-

c.A & E
Twins participate this A&E at KPJ, Selangor.
Yet, they were too small to understand how A&E works entirely.
The "workstation" people assist them in dressing & doing bandage on the "patient".
Lets see our"Dr EQ Loo"

d.Dell Computer Workshop
Twins get to learn designing the cover book for laptop & assemble hard disk for computer (of course twins were too small to do this by their own - the seniors help them in this ^_^)
Twins got themselves "Competency Certificates" as well - bravo ^_^

e.Marry Brown's making burger workshop
This is the final we managed to go before it's closing time.
EQ started to become cranky in this, actually twins were queueing for this. When it's their turn, EQ started crying & refused to go inside.
Luckily KH was OK & wanted to join the burger making class by his own, without EQ's accompanying him.
KH was so proud himself showing us his "outcome" - a nicely packed chicken burger!

Well, this is what we did the whole day!
There's lots of places which we still miss out:-
a.Air Asia aeroplanes - being flight attendant & pilot
d.fireman (it was long queue for this, we couldn't make it -Sigh!) care (we queue up for this, due to KH started playing tantrum & EQ starts crying - we gave up - Sigh again!)
f.lots more which we wish to go

Going there for a second time, might be..but when twins are a bit older..certainly not now ^_^

For those of you whom like to know more about KidZania, please log in to their official website at