Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let bygones be bygones

Hello all pretty mommies & friends,
Apologized for not updating my blog for some time.
I've been busy lately, and this year, 2010 seems to be a mishap for me & my twins.

We've a very bad Chinise New Year at Penang. This is our family first trip back to Penang (hubby's place) with twins. We didn't have a proper rest or meals there.
(Yes, please don't asked me why ..this & that.)
(And, I'll have to say this will be our last trip back to Penang also.)

My boy, KH is admitted to hospital on the 15 Feb due to high fever and is discharged on the 17 Feb. I can still remember vividly how we rushed to the clinic & to the hospital. Couldn't lay my eyes off my boy afraid that he's cramping again for high fever for those long days.

Luckily, he is alright now but still need to be monitor / observed as he's temperature sensitive, which need to monitor if have high fever again in future, till age of 6 yrs old.

Our CNY with twins sick at the same time, withour proper rest had really kill me & hubby. The whole family is with "PANDA LOOK" and this festive is a moody season, which I felt so guilty that bringing my twins back to Penang for their first CNY.

I just hope all the mishap just went off and the whole family start with a properous & healthy year. Lets cross our fingers & pray to GOD ^_^

Let bygones be bygones ^_^

Special thanks to Karen Law & Irene for their encouragement during my "dark days"