Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I saw Origami online from Early 123 forum. While I was surfing net on this website, KH sat besides me and we printed out a few for trial last week. There were lots of nice origami shown in the website, from animals, clothing, vehicles, boxes, flowers & etc.

We tried "Rabbit" as this is the easiest & lets see what did the twins did last week.
I tried folding the rabbit & shown them, but twins lost patience. At the end I folded for them instead - Sigh!
But, overall we had so much fun together doing crafts & colouring together. Twins draw & colored the rabbit with their own imagination & creativity!

KH is good at drawing, from eyes to mouth & etc. While EQ just wanted to color them & she even waited papa to come home and passed him the rabbit with"good night kisses" before she went to bed. So sweet, isn't it?


Friday, July 13, 2012

Mini Sports Day

Today is Mini Sports Day at my twin's kindie (3Q MRC Bandar Bukit Puchong 2). Since this Monday I've told them that there'll be Sports Day for them on this coming Friday. Last night I even put them to sleep earlier & explained to them to have a good rest so that they'll be energetic today.

Well, it seems that twins are still too young to understand the actual meaning of Sports Day, to them it's just a normal exercises where they can play balls, skipping, jumping, running & playing hula hoops. As teacher Yvonne has informed earlier that this Sports Day is only open for the students & no parents are allow to view the activities, so I try to reach kindie by noon time to fetch twins back home.

As I reached, I saw lots of students were queueing in front of the school compound. Due to hot weather, the students began loosing their patience & not queueing in line where they used to be on normal day. I saw my KH boy were standing at the back of the "J2" line with his classmates, while EQ was queueing in front of the line & I can't see her at all, as other students were blocking my view. It seems that the teachers were trying a very hard time to maintain the students & situation. "Prize Giving" session was just on time!

Under the hot sun, Teacher Yvonne begin to announce & distributing the medals to all the students. She was announcing blue team & etc, I can't remember the rest as I was busy tying to take photos for my twins & Ammerz - my neighbour's girl whom I need to fetch her as well to her granny place after school. Ammerz is a year senior than my twins, she'll come to my house to play with twins sometimes .Twins love to have her companion & most the time EQ would like to go to her house instead to play as she told me that her house has lots of toys which they don't have. Oh my - kids are just kids..toys never seem to be enough for them!

(My girl, EQ with her Teacher Chandra -she told me that the teacher is very fierce - hehe)

(My boy with our neighbour's girl, Ammerz. KH began to lost patience as he complaint it was very hot!)

When back in the car, I asked what did the kids did for the sports day. My twins were saying jumping, running & etc & I'm trying to link the info I listened to understand what did they do for the Sports Day. They asked me why the teacher has to give them medals & why they need to wait so long for the medals - Sigh!
Well, I'll asked twins to show their medals to papa later & asked papa's help to explain to them.

At least they enjoyed so much the whole day! Well, 13/07/12, Friday wasn't a bad Friday at all.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Happy Gardening

When try to recall back my childhood's memory, me & my brother used to help my mom planting vegetables, watering the plants & gardening. This is very enjoyable. When I was small, my granny & mom used to plant tapioca leaves, onion spring, chillies on the small piece of land at our house & bitter gourd behind the backyard. Mom will teach us how to harvest the plants as well.

However, nowadays the house/property's pricing was far to much, if compared to the olden days. A free hold entitled house at Puchong with a small piece of land is too valuable to purchase. When we decided to buy our house, this is one of the clause which we considered and we are very lucky to have "a very small" piece of land to plant some flowers & our backyard is actually a big piece of land, where our nearby neighbours planting sugar cane, vegetables, dragon fruits & flowers.

Gardening is indeed a very good opportunity to teach our kids about mother natures & taking care of our environment. I would let twins help me watering my plants every day. I would put half pail of water (recycled from washing vegetables during food preparation/cooking) in front of the car porch, and twins will use the small cup to water the plants. When watering the plants, I'll teach twins to observe the plants - if there's any insects around the plants, teach them about buds, flowers & stems. I'll also show them how to put fertilizer to the plants & explain to them that fertilizer act as "vitamin" / "supplement" for the plants fro them to grow stronger & healthier..just like us - human beings, hehe. Most of the time, my twins will be questioning me why, this & that & I enjoyed every moment with my kids explaining to them about this & that.

Can you see what is KH doing?
He is helping me watering my flower (hehe, bad example using a liquor bottle, as this is the recycled bottle where I normally used to water the plants - just the correct amount of water for each plant)

I love to see if there's any buds on my plants...as there'll be nice flowers to grow for the next few days.
I did my counting yesterday - there were total 6 buds..hehe

And this morning, when I went to carporch to collect the newspaper, I found this :-
Isn't it nice & happy seeing our flowers grow, just like our kids?

亲子活动其实并不需要太多的金钱与时间, 哪怕只是那5分钟。短短5分钟里, 好好和孩子一起动动来活动, 接触大自然, 让孩子能感受你对他们的爱。显然, 这相处和回报是无价的 ^_^ 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Last Saturday I took a short course at Mahkota Cheras. (It was a very good course organize by Early 123 Forum. Just that time was very rush as I was late to the course as I don't know how to get there & thanks to Ah Fen - hubby's cousin sister whom willing to bring me there from Bt 9 - Bt 11. I'll try to update my course's summary / notes.). I told papa earlier & gain his permission to attend the class, before registering it. Papa give me assurance that he can handle the twins nicely in his office  - well, lets cross our fingers.

I reached home at 2pm as it was terrible jam & I lost my way back ~ Sigh!
Twins were sleeping soundly..hehe & no complaint from papa as well.

I thought everything was just nice....who knows when I reached office yesterday..I was too busy to see tiny little things of what did my twins did last Saturday..until I saw this :-

I was laughing when I saw this  & I showed it to  papa too. OMG..I just can't stop laughing at this - my twins sticked all the stickers (which they took off from their activity book) & pasted them nicely on the glue!

I guess twins might have scared that me or papa might have scolded them if the stickers were sticked elsewhere & left on the floor. (This is very common for twins at home, as they'll just peeled off the stickers & started to stick on their bag, book, water tumbler or sometimes out into their bag to give to their "friend" in kindie.) And they started to think a way to stick it - yes, on mommy's glue..which she'll see it daily & she won't scold to them as well.

Oh my..my twins & I just amazed on their creativity.
Isn't it nice for a laugh with their "small creativity"?
It just remind me that everything we did, we've our own intention of doing it, even with our kids.
Sometimes what we see might not be the truth, we need to see from a different aspects.
I guess parenting is the same too, I need to be patience & loving to my kids too. Do with passion, and they'll understand your love to them one day ^_^

The Seond Highlights
This morning when I reached office, Vimala - my staff told me of my girl
"Ms Leong, you know your girl was ragging me last Saturday while you were not here?"
OMG - this was the first thing that flashed in my mind, what did my little princess did this time?
Vimala explained to me that while she was doing her work, it seems that my girl is trying "to help"  & when she told my girl is not the correct way & try to explain to her - EQ says " QUIET. PLEASE"...two times very loud....

My staff can't stopped laughing with my girl...and she told me that EQ was getting better with her vocabulary & English now. Hehe..yeah I need to admit this but at the same time, what worries me is KH - he is still very layback in his attitudes in socializing, in his speech & learning. He will tend to wait & observed what the sister did & followed - it worries me, as the principal said the same. I need to act fast to build up his self esteem & self confidence..need to act before it's too late...to be continue

Sunday, July 8, 2012

KL Bird Park

I bought some KL Bird Park's discount vouchers some months back. Have always wanted to bring the kids for the trip. However it was postponed due to papa's oversea business trips (most the time) & kid's sickness. When we decided to go last month, haze occurred & papa on-hold the trip till the weather gets better.

So, last week, seeing the weather was getting better, I proposed to papa again for the trip & told him that my "vouchers" is going to expired soon. To my surprise, papa decided to take us to KL Bird Park. 1st July 2012 marks our "BIG DAY"! This is our ever first family trip - yes - me, papa & with our 3 kids! My twins were very excited the day before, as I told that about the trip & I reminded them to slept earlier to have energy for the trip & requested them to prepare for their own bag & etc.

I woke up very early that day to prepare porridge for JY - hum, that's the only food which he can took now, although he's getting to "terrible 2" stage now. Yet, sometimes he refused to take fully solid food - when he took a bit of hard food, which is hard to chew for him, he'll spit it out to you-yeah a very bad attitude for JY.
(The story behind this :- I guess the main reason is he "was used" to soft type food. From BB time - 18 months old, he was taken care by nanny. The nanny will blend all the cook porridge to feed him - I used to against it & requested the nanny to try to feed him on "solid food" instead to let him learn to chew hard solid food. But nanny told that he'll spit out - because he is used to solf type food. I guess it takes longer time for him to be fully on solid food, I'm glad that he is now able to take rice with vege & meats at mom's place.)

We left at 11am from Puchong to KL Bird Park & we relied on papa's GPRS. And frankly speaking, GPRS was the worst way of giving directory & directions to your destinations. We was turning here & there, reaching no where as we don't know how to go - GPRS was the only way & our help. Finally & luckily we find the place & reach there by noon.

The main entrance to the place was very narrow & crowded with people & car (maybe it's weekend & lots of visitors). We took roughly 20 minutes to wait for our parking. There was actually an open car park at a steet away from the place, but to us it was far as bringing the 3 kids for a walk will be torturing as my kids refused to walk by their own most the time, and I can't carry them anymore.

It was long queue for the ticket counter - luckily mine was at redemption counter. Vey fast, less than 5 minutes. The kids were excited for the walk & here we go. As it was noon time, it was very hot at KL Bird Park. Although there were shady trees for shading, you can still feel the heat in it. I was carrying a big bag - which some small snacks, waters & chrysathemun tea for cooling. For the kids, they were fully "equipped"..hehe I put hat on them for shading, in case they complaint "HOT" & of course JY is still too early to complaint with his words.

The place was nice for exploring the kids with nature & letting them to know about birds. We saw lots of peacocks in the park. They were very tame & tourist can just took photos with them. I asked my twins if they would like to take photos with the birds - to my surprise they refused & when I asked them the reason : They scared that the bird is going to bite or hurt them! Well, it seems that I can't forced the twins to take photos at all. On the other hand, JY was very fond of birds, he even wants to go further to touch the birds. Maybe at this stage, he is still not scared at all. We observed JY since BB time, he is always animal lover - he loves dogs, cats  birds. I remember that he used to took EQ's bolster as the bolster case was with small animal printing, I'll teach him the animals & he can uttered, I guess this interest started when he was small.

Going to the park need a lot of walking & walking - and my twins started to lost their patience as for them all birds are the same? And as weather is getting hot, they started cranky by refusing to walk, and when it started with EQ, next KH also complaining he can;t walk further on. Oh twins...and luckily we glad that JY is so enjoying the trip, as he wants to see the birds. As papa is carrying JY most the time (scared that JY is going to touch the birds & get hurt, and the road was slippery too), I took nice photos for them.

Our photo sessions :-
This is my favorite one - papa & the kids. JY was running towards me while I'm trying to take this photo. He was so cute & the naughty KH refused to take off his map ^_^

Some nice peacocks & flamingos.

My twins were very fancy on flamingos. They were tall, skinny & some were standing with one leg & they kept asking why & why...hehe

Although is was very tiring, I'm glad that all of us enjoyed the trip, especially the kids. They might not know all the birds, but picture show a thousand word, and I'm glad while I'm writing my blogs, KH was standing besides me & he can still remember what he did there.
I guess family trip doesn't need to be very expensive of going oversea for a luxurious Disney trips & etc., it could be just a small trip going to the park. The main objective is everyone is enjoying the trip & it enhance family bonds within us & siblings getting know to each other.