Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Family trip to Genting Highlands

We've finally made it for our first family trip to Genting Highlands on this 4th Dec.
Well, I would say that the trip was nice & a good experience for my kids, especially my twins. Both of they enjoying so much in the rides in Indoor Theme Park.
(Buying online for the tickets & rooms will be given a 10% discount, it's worth it, hassle free & it's easy & one good thing is NO LONG QUEUE ^_^)

Besides the expensive meals & long queue for the rides, the rest was just nice.
We've encountered a terrible & rude parent while waiting for the twins to have their ride in the train. There was 1 girl (age at least 8 yrs old) - initially she was queuing at the back of my twins & she was pushing my twins away in the queue so that she could be the first. What makes worst is that the girl's sister also "joining" and starts pushing my twins away, they nearly felt down if not holding the standing bar! I was so angry with the girls & I start scolding them & informing them they should not be pushing the kids & should queue up accordingly. The worst is that the girl's parents were just standing outside and start asking their girls to queue in front so that they could choose the front seats! Such a rude parent!
(This is surely a bad experience for myself & my kids. My kids were terrified being pushed all the way down the ground, and nearly cried - Sigh!)

We spend a night at the First World Hotel while my in-laws were at Awana.
The rooms at Awana was splendid with nice scenery, but wasn't convenience for us with younger age toddlers as the kids need to rest in the room, as well as us the parent to recharge our battery. But I would admit Awana is a great place for vacation & relaxing, as First World is too crowded & the room were too small.

BB JY was so cranky during the trip, just wants hubby to carry him all the way and refused to be sitting on his stroller. However, I must admit that the stroller is indeed good for traveling :-
a.kids can just sit / sleep while they are tired
b.to put our bags & carriage & kid's stuffs
(Well, we regret giving our twins stroller too to a close relative.Else, it'll be handy to be use for our next trip as we need to carry our kids with 2 strollers, it just fit to use for our 3 kids ^_^)

Special Remark
Traveling with "close family" isn't that easy, when we're trying our best to please everyone. Especially when in comes with food in tourism place, where limited "alternatives" is given to please both the kids & the "elderly".

I would hope that this is certainly not our last "family trip" and looking forward to a better one in near future, hopefully ^_^

Nice photo shooting