Friday, July 29, 2011

A long week

I was hospitalized for six days due to tiredness & stress. During this long week, I've to change my mindset & accept the reality that I can no longer breastfeeding my BB JY, as doctor advise me to use this good period weaning off BB JY from fully breastfeeding.

It's a very hard decision for me all of sudden just to let go of everything. When I was discharged & went back. My twins gave me a kiss & heart melted, how I missed my kids & when I finally got the chance to see BB JY, he seems like have grow up a lot...oh mine & he seems like not recognizing me @_@

Oh God, give me strength ...I can do this & overcome this. I've gave my very best of trying to BF my boy as a working mother & it's time for me to let go.
I've still < 10 bottles of milk for JY & it's time for JY to try FM - Pediasure will be our choice as twins were taking this.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

BB JY- 11 months

BB JY is 11 months ++
He is getting more active recently. He has starts crawling since he is 6 months old. Now he started to lean against sofa / table & trying to stand & walk slowly.
He is very macho - he'll try to let go of his hands & started to pose to us as seems to inform us that he can stand @_@

BB JY will not sit quietly to play his toys, he prefers to snatch twin's toys most of the time & KH has assume that his "little brother" as his top "enemy" as JY will snatch off his toys...cute, while EQ being the feminine part will shares her toys with the little brother.

BB JY will only sit quietly during his bath time!He enjoys a lot in the water & loves to be naked after bathing - it's very hard for me to dress him up. He'll scream & removed all the clothes & even pampers. He just want to be "free" -Sigh!

As JY will be reaching 1yr old by end of the month, I've yet to survey birthday cakes & etc for his 1yr old birthday celebration. Not to have a grand one, instead we'll just have a small gathering with my parents & brother. Birthday presents, what should I give JY & the twins...I'm still surveying.

Monday, July 4, 2011


My twins love to play puzzles recently. I've a few sets (given by blogger & friends), but this were all in bad shape - all torn & missing as I exposed them to twins too early & at that time they don't know how to play & all being tortured badly @_@

I introduce puzzles to twins when they were 1.5yrs old. Too early - I think yes at least for my twins as they were just used them to play "masak masak" instead of really solving the puzzles.

I began to do some survey & it seems that wooden puzzles & thicker material puzzles are better for younger age toddlers. This is because of their motor skill & the puzzles texture, where kids can hold them firmly & play with them.

So I bought my 1st set of puzzle from Popular bookshop during sales.
It's about "Vegetable" - twins were not good initially when they started to play, but the next day they can play all the 8pcs very good.

I bought the 2nd set - Giraffe set - a big puzzle which come with a story book as well, from Popular bookshop.(The whole set is only RM15.90, worth to buy as the board book & the puzzles quality is good!)
Observed that KH is very good in playing puzzles, but not for EQ. She losses her interest if she can't get the link between the puzzles. But KH will try to match the photos / color of the puzzles to get the linking. I'll need to train EQ to play more in this.

The 3rd set - Transportation, I bought from Tesco (The quality is not that good as the puzzles were not being cut properly & I need to trim it a few times to let twins play). Lets give a guess what's twins favorite in this series?
They'll fight with each other when they saw that puzzle @_@

The 4th set - a wooden puzzle which I ordered online. It's a wooden puzzle with a magnet on top of it, which we can used the wooden stick to snap it & play with it. Twins love to play it as it was like fishing for them.
However, based on my own experience, the wooden puzzle is not safe for BB JY. He loves to put in his mouth, and the wooden chips can easily chipped off & it stucked on his mouth! Luckily we noticed this & removed from his mouth, else I really don't know what will happened if the chips stuck at his throat!
(I banned this set & only allow twins to play under my supervision in the room only.)

The 5th & 6th set - I upgraded to a better one - Infatino's puzzle.
When I Grow Up Puzzle & A Day at the Fair Puzzle
A Day at the Fair Puzzle - it's a 3D puzzle & twins just can't stop playing it!
When I Grow Up Puzzle - it's alphabetical puzzle, but twins still don't know all the alphabets & they were only guessing while playing it.
Overall, this is a very good quality puzzle which is worth to buy, although it's a bit expensive!
(I myself can't stop playing the sets as it was just too fun to play with ^_^)

(Twins posing in front of their 得意之作 ^_^)

BB JY Kissing The Floor

Recently, BB JY loves to kiss the floor. Yes, you are right = KISSING THE FLOOR.
He'll crawl down from the sofa to the mattress & then to the floor & starts kissing it & then he'll starts saying "WOW WOW". This is his baby language for dogs!

It started since last 2 weeks that BB JY started to say "wow wow" & nanny told this is referring to the dog (nanny's house got a big dog at the car porch).

Well, it seems that BB JY first word is not "PAPA", "MAMA" or "POPO" -it's "WOW WOW", a man best friend is indeed a DOG!