Saturday, October 31, 2009

Playing Ball with Malay Neighbour (Backdated posting)

I personally felt that relationship within the neighbourhood is very fragile in an apartment. We hardly communicate, will only give greetings when we saw each others.
However, luckily my nearby neighbour - Puan Azizah is a very friendly lady, with 4 kids. Her kids will peep to my twins when they see them. My twins will do the same peeping on them too - cute!

Last Sunday, while on our way back from dim sum with Jovin, their boys were playing ball in the apartment corridor. My twins walked towards them when they see a "BALL". We've a small one, not the big one. Twins eyes sparkled when they saw chance playing with the ball, especially Kiam Hong.

Took a snapshot on my boy kicking the buy with Azizah's boy.
Hope we've another soccer game in near future ^_^

Meeting Up with Jovin Jie Jie (Backdated posting)

I've been busy lately, as you can see I've been away from my blog & also MSN.
Been dazed off and even lazy to updating my post.

Jovin (our ex colleague from JB) has been with us on 23~ 25 Oct 2009.
She's a very nice & friendly friend whom volunteer to take care my twins with my mom while we are working in the day time. Twins were fond of her and even insisted her to feed them during mealtime, not even my mom or myself.

Twins will just sticked to her like honey bees. How I wished she could stay a little bit longer & taking care my twins ^_^ On her last day at our house, I'm trying to take some photos, the photo session is not satisfying, with twins moving around & peeping for video shows. Just manage to grab a few, but not a nice one for remembrance. Hope while twins get older, we are able to travel to JB to meet our friends there ^_^

Photo Session with Jovin Jie Jie

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Checkup at PPUM

History / Background
For those whom are close to me definitely remember that my boy is diagnosed with abnormal breathing sound some months back. We were terrified that time with the words uttered by 1 young Malay lady doctor. Unbelievable & "horrified", we went to Dr Chan's Specialist for a checkup, the doctor smiled and look at us and calmed us that our boy is healthy active boy - Don't was the best blessings to parents!

Checkup at PPUM
We still decided to bring Kiam Hong for ECHO as reconfirmation.
The first test is unable to do due to a failed sedation. Yesterday was the second attemption, trying to put my boy sleep. Yet the naughty boy will just looked at the surroundings and refused to be sleep! Dismayed & impatient, my hubby decided to send him for sedation. This time is better, daddy put only a bit of the medicine for Kiam Hong and he's still awake.

After 2.5 hours waiting at the corridor, the nurses felt so sorry with us by looking at our boy and decided to let him do the ECHO, with me hugging him. (The correct procedure should be lying on the bed, not moving at all for the scanning.)
The active boy still keep on looking at thje surrounding & cried loudly for the whole test. At least 6 nurses were besides us trying to calm my little boy ~ Sigh!
Finally the test is done & the nurse informed no abnormality!

In the afternoon, I went back to fetch my mom & En Qi to PPUM again for checkup.
Rushing and is very tiring :-(
Twins were so active at the PPUM, walking here & there. Not afraid of strangers (majority are Malay) at all, they even went to request for mineral water from a Malay lady ~ OMG! En Qi even followed the little young Malay girl and wanted to play with her instead.

After waiting for 2 hrs, we managed to meet with the doctor.
He told us twins look good, healthy & active, although my girl is a consider underweight, and presumed that when grown up, her weight will only maintain at 45kgs..haha same like mine!
When doctor finished the checking and told that we may go back , En Qi just turned immediately & walked towards the door trying to open the door!
Doctor even praised her "Alert Child!
Our next checkup will be April 2010 (2 weeks before our Kuching's trip), hope everything goes smooth then ^_^

Twins at actual age of 17 months
Kiam Hong : Weight 9.5kg, height 79.6cm
En Qi : Weight 8.0kg, height 76.3cm

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Special Gift

I received a special gift from a lovely mommy, which I know from MP's forum.
Thank you so much for sending my twins the special gift!
Double happiness today as she sent 2 sets for my twins, each with 1 set to play to avoid fighting....haha, such a caring mommy ^_^

Special Giftsets

As I brought the sets back for my twins, both of them shouting to play with it.
Instead of cutting it, they are pulling it out from the adhesive stickers pasted on the sets... Sigh!
The nice flashcard which I left on the table (I've to admit it's my mistakes as I'm in hurry to do my cooking) , my little En Qi pulled it out & starts folding it as "salted vege"...Sigh!
When will my twins learn to play it nicely, I wonder?
Kids..they've their own way of playing & learning the way they wish to, so as parent I just have to respect their "method pf playing". I'll guide them on how to play but I'll not force them to play the way we adults think it should be.

Thanks again for my special friend for sending this lovely sets to my twins!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gift from Drypers

As I opened my mail box just now, I saw an opened envelope in it & I thought most probably the things was stolen. To my surprise, the Drypers was sending me a nice story book and it is still in good condition although the envelope is being spoilt.

Thanks Drypers for such a lovely gift ^_^

Parrot's Parade

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Night at Cheras

This is a backdated post, which I supposed to post it last week.
We went to visit my hubby's aunt (MIL's sister) at Cheras on 26th Sept. 2009.
(Actually is sending her moon cakes for mid-autumn festival.)

Aunt is still slim, but with much better condition, compared to few months back after her operation. My hubby is quite close to his aunt as he has started to work at a very young age & his aunt has been quite kind & caring

We've a simple homemade dinner & short gathering there as twins started to "lao gai" and crying. Twins still manage to have fun with their "cousins" too (My hubby's cousin's kids).

Some nice shootings

(Little En Qi with her cousin - Eason - Eason is just elder my twins by one can see a big difference on how SMALL is my girl? 真的是小巫見大巫哦 ^_^)

(Twins with cousin - Sammy)


(Kiam Hong is adores with yellow colored things. He's busy playing with his duck, while moving the stool ^_^)

Happy Mid Autumn

Last Saturday we've a great day at Setia Alam (my uncle's place) with twins.
It was Mid Autumn festival, since my brother has drove to Segamat to attend his friend's wedding dinner, we decided to bring my mom to visit my granny & to celebrate there.

Twins looked excited & happy all the way from Puchong to Setia Alam.
We reached uncle's place at 4.45pm. Twins were a bit scared when reaching there first. So we brought they for a walk near by the park where my aunt & granny will feed ducklings there. (Can't imagine we can still see ducklings in the city, right?)

We've such a great day there & we left at 9.30pm after dinner & watching TV series. Twins seems over-joy & refused to go back when we hug them.
Well, we'll sure be have another great day later on in near future ^_^

Posing with daddy

Scrolling here & there


(En Qi with my granny - she's 80+ years old. Observed that my granny is so happy on that day when seeing my twins & playing with them. Sometimes, to accompany elders is not that difficult too, just by being with them is more than enough ^_^)

(En Qi with my mom - she'll just stick to my mom like super glue all the time ^_^)


來來來,我們握握手 ,我們是好兄妹哦 !

好開心哦 !


(Kiam Hong pointing the duckings & say "DUCK DUCK" ^_^)