Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Gardening

I've been always fonds flowers & plants. But....too bad, with limited land in front of my house, I can only plant some flowers & a few pots of plants.(The empty land behind at our house is under the management, so it is not recommended to plants anything on the land, unless you are planting them in pots.) Yet, this is good enough for me as gardening need lots of efforts & also time to maintain the plants.

The organic farm trip the other day inspired me again & my twins to plant vegetables instead, hehe. In fact I bought a few packs of organic seeds - Okra & Mukkhiya, this is my "green projects" with my twins! I planted Okra on 04/08/12 -the day we went for the field trip. Waited & waited, it's been a week plus, nothing "seems" appearing on my planting pot -Sigh! Or should I say, I've "wasted" the seeds instead? Well, lets cross our fingers & hope my "Okra" plant did success!

On the other hand, me & twins planted some "onions" at the organic farm.
This was the 1st activity when we reached there. It's good to exposed the kids to mother nature.
My twins learned to used a spade to mix the soil & to plant the onion.
It's fun & educating ^_^
We brought back 3 "tiny" pots of onions back to our house & placed them under shade in front of my car porch. Watered the plants daily & observed the growth of the plants.

Lets our plants have grow :-

And, on the other hand, my mulberry tree at my back yard is "fruiting" now.
Its has been months since the last fruiting season.
See how nice the red small fruits on the tree.

My flowers were growing too :-

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Family Trip - GK Organic Farm

04/08/2012, 双宝幼儿园举办了Family Day - Trip to GK Organic Farm.

(幼儿园团的收费 : 小孩 (3-6 岁)- RM40, 大人 - RM50)

Program Itinerary

9.30am - Arrive at GK Organic Farm

9.45am - Briefing + Welcome fruit + Drink

10.15am - Guided farm tour - barefooted

- Planting activity

- Harvesting activity

11.15am - Fruit juice / enzyme drink + Enzyme Making Demo + Talk on organic environment

12.15am - Organic lunch - simple luncheon of 6 dishes & 3 drinks

- baked sweet potato, banana cake, vegetable of the day & dessert

1.30pm - Leaving GK Organic Farm by bus (with harvested plant)

(按 : 假如是不同的团, 食物方面也会不一样 - 因为我们是"幼儿园"团, 所以食物比较简单)

看到绿油油的草原 & 菜圃 - 我家小孩很兴奋!
真的很不错 - 我家哥哥很享受, 可能因为平时都有动手种花,除草, 所以没有"怕脏"的感觉。
玩得最开心是种葱 + 挖番薯, 衣服都黑了, 可是却不愿意换掉 :-(

相比之下, 妹妹很怕走路 (因为要赤脚走一小时的,由于有ezcema, 所以一热了, 人就一只流汗捉痒), 在挖番薯的环节中, 完全没有办法进入"状况"。

我觉得Mr Gan (GK 负责人) 很贴心 - 因为他把家长 & 小孩分开进行活动。
大概有30-40位小孩都只是由一位负责人 + 2位老师带而已哦!
家长可以尽情听着Mr Gan 讲解蔬菜的种植。

最另我惊讶的是他们种植的南瓜 - 是攀附在支干上面, 而不是一般我们看到的在地上!
而且他们的南瓜都很重 - 皮很薄, 很实心的!

我家双宝有了很多第一次的体验 : 第一次坐巴士, 赤脚走路, 和其他小朋友的互动。
而我, 败了很多有机蔬菜, 泥土 & 种子 - 我要开始我家的"种菜"计划 - 绿化环境!

电邮 :

我想我下一回还会再去 - 等小儿子3岁多,因为我发现原来从我家去哪里<30>
期待着我下一回的 family trip ^_^