Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Cooking Time

Well, I've been practising my cooking & busy bento-ing. It wasn't easy for a working mom to cook, but at least I'm trying to cook for my family. I rather eat home cook food, rather than "tapao" food for the kids - which is unhealthy at all.

I've tried doing bento for twins  - bought some bento kits online -and do mind me, it wasn't cheap at all. Yet, I observed that lots of MM are willing to "invest" - I guess besides cooking, food decoration is also important & for my twins (at least at this age) - they are fascinated with cute & nice things. It works for my kids, especially EQ who is a picky eater - she doesn't like eggs at all.
I've bought egg mould from Daiso - RM5.00..hehe cheap - it's a cute car shape & it manages to "lure" her sometimes which she requested for the "car eggs" for her meal.

I fnd that doing bento is not easy at all, to do kawaii bento need lots of time & skill. I know that I'm  still a far way behind & I'll try my very best & here are some of my home cook food - not very fancy but at least it's healthy & no MSG added in it.

My twins posing with their meal

Happy Cooking Time
I guess we must be sincere & happy when we are cooking, so that when our loves one can feel our love for them when enjoying their meal. Cooking is fun & happy when you are preparing it for your loves one ^_^

Movies with twins-backdated posting (14/04/2012)

Ever since Battleship was on cinema, papa has mentioned this & that to me & hinted me for a movie. So during lunch break, I faster go to IOI Mall & bought 4 ticket passes - 2 adult + 2 children - Yes, we're bringing twins for the movie!

I was very busy on that day & have over looked the time, we skipped lunch & straight heading to cinema. On our way there, we told twins that we are bringing them for a movie - KH asked why should we go for a movie, since we can watch at home (Haha, to my boy watching movie was watching a big screen TV, so it was just the same as watching it at home!) Very hard to explain to him at his age about the sound effect & etc, wait until I've the chance to explain to him.

Twins were very excited first when entering the cinema. Just manage to took 2 photos for twins & papa - twins were busy eating the biscuits, which papa bought from Thailand.
During the show, hum..twins were not willing to sit by their own & wanted us to carry them. Well, at least they are still willing to watch the movie, rather than being cranky to go out. Me & papa enjoyed the movie so much - well, this is our first movie after JY's birth, haha. So we must treasure it ^_^

Some nice conversation with twins :-
KH: Why must watch movie in cinema?
EQ :Cinema bigger TV screen ..nicer
KH: Why must watch fighting movies - teachers say this is not good. Next time, cannot watch...

Some thoughts
I tried to recall myself when was my first movie with my parents - well, it was about this age as twins -I remembered that we'll bring our own snacks to have in the cinema & once mom brought me & my brother to KL town for a Ninja Turtle movie. That time we took bus all the way from Kepong to KL town for a movie - and it was a good one, I enjoyed so much. I hope my kids will enjoyed the movies time in future & still can recall it when they grow up, just the way I did when I was small..I sincerely hope that.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thean Hou Temple

Finally, papa reached home late on Tuesday night. He was worried with EQ's condition. The medicines which EQ was taking now makes her very weak. She has skipped lunch for 2 days after kindie -she told me she was too tired & she needs to sleep - and she did & wake up at 5pm - OMG! Since yesterday was public holiday & papa was free. I've requested papa to bring us to Thean Hou Temple for praying as 14 April 2012 (this Saturday will be a big occasion there). We left at 3.30pm & it was very hot there. Twins were excited going there as this is their first trip to Thean Hou Temple. They were fasinated with the 12 Zodiac Statues at the main entrance & kept requesting us to take photos for them with the statues. They can called up the names of animals. They've special request to take photos with the mouse - their own zodiac too.
Well, we've a short trip to the temple for praying. Our next trip will be to the KL Bird Park, just bought the ticket at a 50% discount. Hope the kids will like it - this round we'll bring little JY along ^_^

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

EQ is Sick Again ~ Sigh!

Well, EQ starts falling sick & coughing again since last 2 weeks. Things get worst when she cough & start vomiting. As papa is away for business trip, I'm alone with twins & still I decided to brought twins to clinic.

It was very jam on Friday evening, I should have used the "short-cut way",it took us 30 minutes to reach Dr. Chan's clinic. Luckily there weren't many people in it. We just need to wait for 2 patient. Twins were very happy playing balls & slides in the clinic.

When it's our turn, I faster rushed twins inside the consultation room. Dr Chan carefully examined EQ & told me that her condition is not that good - breathing with abnormal sound (last Oct she was detected with pnemonia & was rushed to Sunway Medical Centre).

I was sad, Dr Chan told that she needs to be on nebulizer for 3 days & observed later till Sunday. This 3 days weren't easy for me, as I'm alone & exhausted with all the house work & etc.

We went early to the clinic for the result - this round long queue.
Dr Chan told that the "abnormal sound" was still there, and need to be on Aero Chamber for the next 4 months! And if during this period, if she is still couhing, need to go ER!

The medical fees for this 3 days cost me a BOMB - equivalent to half of my Coach's handbag!

Money is a thing, but seeing EQ suffering is making me very sour & sad.
Hope papa will be back soon & we'll try chinese medical to cure E, wish me luck!

(This is EQ's medicine - and she needs to have the treatment 4x daily!)

To treat twins for good behave this 2 days, I let twins to have water play in the car porch..see they are so enjoying!