Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Baby Love Grow Pants Graduation Party 2012

I love freebies, when I saw Diapers Swap Programme is coming back again on 16/12/12. I faster marked down in my calendar - yes I'm going to queue to be a kiasu MM to swap diaper for my little JY.
Hubby laughed at me & saying me has become very kiasu & C9 lately, since this is my 2nd time for joining this diaper swap programme.  I brought twins along with me together for the programme. It was long queue on that day since we were late, luckily we still manage to change 1 pack of diapers for our little JY.

The other day I've registered for attending Baby Love Grow Pants Graduation Party 2012 at Megakidz, Mid Valley. It has been weeks, and I didn't received any sms or calls from them. Just when I thought it was all over, I got their call on 07/12/12 while we were at Big Bad Wolfs Book Exhibition, MIECC. Yes, we're all invited & I've told hubby that he needs to take advance leave for that party.

Finally, it was 29/12/12.
My twins wake up very early that day, as I told them if we were late, we won't be able to go to Midvalley. JY wakes up very early too, and I guess due to this he was a bit cranky in the party. We reached Midvalley by 9.45am, and registered by 9.55am. We were very lucky as we were very early. It was a long queue later on, and over crowded with lots of people.

JY was a bit cranky as he refused to wear the graduation cap during the photo taking session (which was part of the party costume). I guess the paper card was not very comfortable, that's why he refused to wear it. He refused to take part in the photo shooting session too. Hubby & I gave up, and we brought him out instead to join twins for the activities.

There wasn't many activities, as the hall is pretty small- over crowded with kids, babies & parents.
Twins enjoyed pretty much in the activities, especially the air bouncer castle, where twins were walking & bouncing here & there. JY too enjoyed much in this, and he got a small medal for taking the flags from the air bouncer. Couldn't snap much photos as too crowded, and very hard to take photos.

JY enjoying so much playing with EQ ^_^

JY looks so innocent ^_^

We didn't stay long in the party, as it was very hot & over crowded.
The food was very messy & it was out of control. Parents were rushing out for food, and due to limited space in the "refreshment" area, some parents were just sitting there for chit chatting instead of letting out the place out for those needy parents whom need to feed their kids & breastfeeding their babies.
After taking some quick refreshment, we went out for fresh air.
I glad the kids enjoyed much in the party, but definitely I won't bring them to Megakidz again for activities - the place is just too small & very stuffy in it.

Freebies from Baby Love
3 nice flash cards (Animals, Profession, Transportation) with nice stickers.

A nice height measurement poster & a pack of Bany Love Grow Pants ^_^

Part 2
We went for shopping at Midvalley later on, EQ followed my mom & brother back to Setia Alam.
We went browsing & surveying clothes for the kids.
JY was soo tired that he slept on hubby's shoulder while he was carrying him. So we decided to rest & have a short tea break at Pancake's House. I love the pancakes, yummy, price were reasonable, just that the service is pretty poor as they were lots of people in the restaurant.
I need to remind them 2x for my pancakes, and they didn't send us the mineral water, and overcharged us.

Photo Session
After recharge, another photos session ^_^