Friday, April 15, 2011

Teaching twins to read

I've been wanting to teach my twins to read since they reached 1yr old. However it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. I remember when twins reached 1 yr old, instead of reading books, they are biting & tearing the books. I've tried soft books, hard cover books & even flash cards. What ever things that is reachable ended will be in pretty "bad shape" later - torn into pieces :-(

So, I didn't buy many books that time. Those books I used were freebies given by twins formula milk & some friends which we exchanged some goodies.
Yet, I feel like as they are growing, it should be time to read & write by themselves. If I didn't start now, when is the right timing?

Yet,the task is not easy. At the age of 3, they still love to tear books. I wonder why? You can scold them or beat them, ended they'll still do this the next time. Daddy is very angry with this when he saw twins tearing pages into pieces..and doesn't allowed me to let twins read books by their own.
(I was very angry with daddy because in my opinion - twins should have given a chance to read while they can. Although tearing papers really dismay all of us.)

I'm still trying my very best to read to twins daily, when I'm free.
Wish me luck..I'm still trying very hard.

(Mischievous EQ laughing at me while I was taking a photo of her.)

See what's my boy is doing - tearing the stickers from the book :-(

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Eco Park, Setia Alam

Last Saturday, we went to my 3rd aunt house at Eco Park, Setia Alam.
It has been some years since our last visit to the park, although from time to time we'll drop by at my aunt's place when we are free.
The first time we went was in Oct 2009, that was the time when twins just started to walk and they loved walking at the park, feeding ducklings.

Again, this time we went to feed ducklings at Eco Park. There wasn't lots of ducks, if compared to last time. Aunt told that the management has segregated the ducklings to a few places so that others can also feed them & attracts people in other places as well.

My twins were very enjoyed when they saw the ducklings but do not dare to touch them nor feed them. I was holding BB JY & watching my twins from far, as I'm afraid the ducklings will attack us. However, BB JY dozed off while we were in the park. He was too tired playing with my uncle & twins the whole day & refused to go for a nap.
Poor BB just dozed off while I was hugging him.

I really like the environment at Eco Park, cooling & nice. Nowadays kids can hardly get close to Mother Nature, not to says playing under the trees & walking bare food on the sands. I would really love to bring my kids to here again, if I'm free - I'll try too. Although our new house is with park, but it was a small park & I don't like when "bigger kids" playing nasty in the park - I don't want my twins to follow the was they were playing.

Well, lets see if we can go to Eco Park, this week, if daddy is free ^_^

(Nice ducklings eating the food.)

(Twins & my mom = popo)

(Twins with my aunt = 3rd great aunt)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

About last week

Last week was a great week for me & the kids.
I was craving for durians because I saw from Anggugu forum that eating durians can increase breat milk I wanna try hehe
I bought 4pcs D24 durians last Wednesday while on my way back to fetch BB JY, cost me RM105.00 (1kg is RM15, expensive isn't it). I gave 2pcs for JY's nanny as appreciation & the rest for my family.

That night we finished dinner early in order to have "durians fiesta" later.
BB JY was so curious when he saw daddy carrying the durians to the dining hall, he wanted to look closely what we were having - cute. We all enjoyed the durians, but too bad my twins don't want to eat - they says it's smelly & not nice :-(

Twins Chekup at PPUM
I send twins for checkup at PPUM again last Friday as twins were pre-mature kids, so doctors need us to send them for checkup in every 6 months time till they reached 7yrs old. We went early that day, and twins were fancy looking at a small playground at the hospital. There was a Chinese boy playing in the room by himself & he was very excited when he saw my twins & wanted to play with my girl - EQ. However, EQ was seems very afraid of him, mainly because she was much smaller size, if compared to the boy.

(Can you see the boy whom is wearing red t-shirt, his weight is equivalent to my twins..haha, and FYI, his father told us that the boy is same age as mine, he was born in January, which means only 2 months senior than mine....)

(Twins love to play this..but EQ wasn't in a good mood because while I was taking this photo, the "Chinese boy" is banging his body & coming towards twins direction. EQ was terrified seeing a "big boy".)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Moving to our new house

As twins are growing, we decided to move to a landed property rather than staying in a small apartment. Although the apartment is cosy & very convenience of going elsewhere, yet there's limited space for twins to play around & the neighbourhood is "limited" too, as we hardly see our neighbours as doors were closing all the time.

On 15/03/11, we finally move to our new house - PV. The house is nice, cosy & it's quiet, especially at night time.Sometimes, we can also listened to insect's sound. There's 2 small playground near our house. Twins have been requesting us (me, hubby & mom) to take them for a walk there. I'm reluctant to go with following reasons:-
a.the grass is quite high near the playground, so there's lots of mosquitoes there.
b.took twins last Saturday, there were "bigger kids" playing there. They were swinging the swing upside down, and horrified me, as it might hurt "younger age" kids like mine whom with only 3 yrs old.

Home sweet home. We've moved in more than 3 weeks now. I'm glad that twins & BB JY can adapt to the new environment. New home, more spacious, where I plan to set up a study room for my kiddos later. Hubby has arranged all the kid's toys, books, stationary in a cabinet. I need to survey for a student's table (the one I bought earlier is too small to occupy twins at the same time.)

The above photo is taken last week, with hubby & kids.
Just nice to be at our home sweet home.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Twins 3 Years Old Birthday (Backdated posting)

Happy birthday, my angels. Twins were 3 yrs old on 10/03/2011..finally.
I emailed their photos to Astro XTY - birthday session. Well, their photo were posted ...and they were so happy when they saw their own photo on the TV show.
Even hubby was so keen that he'll wait for the photo to be shown on TV..haha
We just had a simple dinner at home with a Doraemon cake, which I bought from QQ Jelly Cake House. Twins were so happy when they saw the cake, because I've told them earlier that if they were well behaved, they'll have a Doraemon cake by their birthday. I guess as parent, we must kept our promises to our kids. At the same time, BB JY was so exiting when he saw the birthday cake. He kept moving around when twins wanted to blow the candles. Lets look at the video clip...EQ was exiting blowing the candles..
(Well, BB JY - you've yours by August then ^_^)