Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We brought Kiam Hong to PPUM for ECHO yesterday. The boy is not cooperative at all when the nurse is trying to scan on him. So the test failed & the nurse says need to sedate him in order to do the ECHO.

Sedate? Me & my hubby has no idea on what it is?
The nurse just informed us that it's sleeping pill for the toddlers.
Sleeping pills? Is it hazardous & any side effect?
Nurse explained that it's just a normal sleeping pills & its not hazardous, trying to calm us.

So, at 3.00pm, we gave Kiam Hong a crystal blue syrup to sedate him.
The boy looks fine initially, feeling sleepy... ... until he starts shouting & pointing this & that and his face turned to "red tomatoes". Hallucination??

My boy started with "ee ba sound" and starts not to behaved himself by kicking us. He seems like DRUNK!! OMG..yes, I think that's the appropriate word to describe the little fellow. The following hour was a great task to me & daddy trying to put him to sleep. Yet, the boy just too ACTIVE & refused to sleep.
The nurse just smiled at us & we've to make another appointment with PPUM on next Friday for ECHO test.

I have wasted half day A/L for today & another A/L for next Friday ... sigh!
Guess what..when we were leaving PPUM at 4.10pm and daddy started driving back home, the poor boy sat quietly with me & started to sleep...
He slept till 6.30pm & we thought it's all over until this little fellow started behaved weird again at night... making nonsense for 1 hour and falling asleep later.

Another round of sedation by next Friday & I wonder what will happen next :-(

Sedation is a medical procedure involving the administration of sedative drugs, generally to facilitate a medical procedure with local anaesthesia.

An echocardiogram, often referred to in the medical community as a cardiac ECHO or simply an ECHO, is a sonogram of the heart.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Playing radio set

Twins love to play the radio we've on the TV bench.
Yeah - radio.....haha old fashioned man & I guess the radio is almost obsolete in most houses, replaced with HIFI set ^_^

Twins at TV bench

Give a guess - who's this?

Haha, I'm alone to conquer the whole set all by myself ho ho

A little bit more..and I'm almost done ...

Why are you staring at me?
I did nothing wrong ...

The first photo is my little gal, En Qi facing the camera with her brother at the back. She has no chance to play at all since her brother will just pushed her away...poor the naughty boy was trying to play the set by pressing this & that buttons ^_^

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pampered Twins

During the Raya holidays, we just stay at home with twins.
Daddy is busy with new projects and have to go back to factory to work. What a boring and wasted holidays.

Last Sunday, naughty twins were again playing with their daddy. Just look at what my twins are up to...especially my little girl - En Qi. She'll just lying on her dad as cushion and sleep on him...OMG

Twins Sitting on Daddy -playing the plastic cups

(My boy will just jump & bounced on the daddy....naughty)

Little En Qi sitting on daddy as cushion

En Qi "Sleeping Style" on her daddy

Luckily my twins will only do all the stunts with the daddy, and not on me.I'm too skinny and weak to be their "absorbent". They'll just bounced and jump on the daddy..the lucky man will just smile and proud with his kid's stunts....
Can't keep on wondering..what is so special sitting on daddy?
I guess comfortable & his love attracts twins....I guess ^_^

Friday, September 18, 2009

第二辑:《孩子》脸谱作品集 Faces of Hai Zi

I've been informed about the Astro AEC's activities this Monday, I thought I can send the posting earlier. Unfortunately, new projects has been coming in & this whole week is a hectic week for me & I've totally forgotten about this..till I MSN Irene for this.

I just managed to send in photos yesterday at 3.44pm and when I logged in to check the webpage......I saw that they've managed to collect 1000 photos for the activities...and I guess I might not be the lucky charm again.

This morning, I tried to logged in to have a look for the photo....counting from 300...362 (I saw Irene's twins - congrats)... 400....490....493..hehe I saw my twins'm so 7 photos were shown...thanks Astro AEC ^_^

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bolster oh Bolster

My boy, Kiam Hong will never lets his hands off from his "老婆仔" - bolster.
He'll just grab it and hold tightly and continue kissing and sucking the Pooh bolster. We try to coax him with other toys to exchange with him, but this little fellow will just start crying when we took his bolster away.

When he sleeps, he'll need at least 2 bolster by his side. He'll hold one with him, and will try to find the next to him. Sometimes in the middle of night, he'll cry when he can't find one with him.

I used to read from an article that baby or toddlers will tend to suck their fingers / soft toys / blanket / bolster / pillow to seek for securing. They'll change this habit as they grow older. I hope mine will change because we've noticed that my boy's tooth is very dirty. We believed that this is the fabric from the sucking effect of his little bolster. It can actually being clean up if being brushed properly / clean with wet cloth. However, this stubborn little fellow doesn't even allow us to brush his teeth or clean with cloth!

Oh mine, when will my boy starts grow up & stop this bad habit?
Any mummies can advise me ^_^

Friday, September 11, 2009

Bad Day

Yesterday was my bad day with twins.
In the morning, I took twins to PPUM for 18 months injection. They were happily scrolling the pathway until their turn for the injection. Twins just immediately stopped in front of the door entrace & refused to walk in for their injection.
Me & my mum have to coax them & hold them tightly for the injection.
Both were crying loudly & refused for the injection.
Kim Hong even pushed the nurse's hand away when she tried to applied some IPA on his leg and starts kicking his “無影腳”.

The following afternoon is a gloomy day with twins crying here & there. They starts active again after lunch & I've decided to brought my twins & my mom to Jusco IOI for shopping.(This is a bad decision as my nightmare just started with it.) They were still excited in the beginning. However, "Loo's Twins Concert" starts here & there and I've to gave up my shopping mood.

Bought a few sets of Miki Kids Jeans at 70% discount - quite nice quality, and a set of Disney for my little girl.

Based on this bad experience, I'll think twice before going shopping with twins again. I guess I'll just have to shop alone ^_^

Friday, September 4, 2009

Naughty Twins

Bedroom for twins at night time is a "disaster room". Yeap - it's true.
Normally after taking bath, I'll switch on the Aircond & let twins play for a while. I don't like twins sweating going to bed. (Opps - Just look at the background of the photos -shame shame mommy for posting here -

Twins will not just sit tight and be quiet in the room. They'll just pull the pillow, bolster, blankets & comforters all over the place. Sometimes, tug of war happened when twins fighting for toys in the room too. Just imagine my room with all sort of things in it - OMG ^_^

Tonight me & my twins will be alone again as daddy will be at Penang for business trip again. Well, this is daddy's 3rd time travelling in this 2 weeks.
Hope daddy has a nice & safe trip there ^_^

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Teddy Bears

My boy, Kiam Hong is fond of Teddy Bears. Every time when he sees the teddy bear, he'll hug & kiss it as seem that this is his 2nd 老婆仔. His first priority is still his "Pooh Bolster".

To my surprise, my little girl, En Qi isn't a big fan of Teddy Bears, she'll just play for a while and then throw it away. Sometimes, she'll just stares at her brother wondering why is he still holding the Teddy Bears ^_^

Kiam Hong : En Qi, come and play with me - nice Teddy Bears.
I give you a nice nice teddie.
En Qi : OK..OK

En Qi : Can I ask you something? What is so special about this teddie?
Kiam Hong : It's so soft & flurry....isn't it nice?

En Qi : Eh....I don't know I find this teddie is so so only.I prefer other toys than this teddie.
Kiam Hong : Are you sure about it? Don't regret later coz mommy seldom let us play with Teddie Bears.

En Qi : I've enough of this Teddie Bears now, I'm going to explore for other nice stuffs.
Kiam Hong : Ok ...Ok as you wish

Kiam Hong : Last offer to you - sure you don't want it?
En Qi : Yeah...

Kiam Hong & Teddy Bears

Not sure whether is good to let my boy to play with Teddy Bears as I find this suppose to be girl's toy. Hope he'll change his "toy" later when he grows up ^_^

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Finally daddy is back!

I kept counting the days for a reunion with daddy - can't sleep during Sunday night.
Finally daddy is back from Hong Kong after 6 days 5 nights business trip.
Daddy bought a lot of things this round compared with his previous trip. Now, lets see what did daddy buy for us :-

Nice Mooncakes

(Very nice packing & packaging. Not sure whether the mooncakes is nice or not?)
(Daddy also bought dried scallops, fresh oyster & red dates. It's very cheap there.)

For Mommy - nice magazine & clothes

(The magazine is only RM10.00 and free 1 BPA Free nursing bottle.)
(This clothes is matching with my little Kiam Hong's clothes as well, please scroll down and see later ^_^)

For Our Twins

(Nice education books & toys - the toy is only RM10.00)

Nice Clothing

(The left one is for daddy, the right one is for Kiam Hong - very trendy. Will kept this for his Kuching outing next April 2010.)
(Daddy can't get a nice pair for En Qi as all the clothes are either too big or too small to suit her. So he'll promise to buy a nice pair for her later during his next trip ^_^)

My mom always say my hubby is a careless person and he seldom buy for the family. But, this round he surprises all of us with a special gift for everyone.
Thank you, daddy for the gifts and most of all you've a safe trip there.
Hopefully when we've our first trip with twins to Kuching, it'll be even fun & nice.
I'm counting days now for Kuching's April 2010 trip ^_^

A Small Gathering at Setia Alam

As daddy is away for business trip at China/Hong Kong and will only be back by Monday morning, I decided to bring my twins & my mom to Setia Alam to meet my 3rd uncle.(It'll be too boring sitting at home with twins only during this long weekend.) We are so excited as this is our first time by our own travelling from Puchong to Setia Alam. Thanks to my little brother whom volunteer to be our chauffeur to fetch us with his brand new My V.

Twins are not as active as home when they reach Setia Alam. They are lots of people there - my 2nd uncle with his family & my 3rd uncle with his family. Quite merrier with lots of people at the house. Yet, twins wasn't fancy at all - with groomy faces till the end of the day when we brought them out for a short walk.

In this photo is me holding little Kiam Hong with my cousins and my mom holding little En Qi.