Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Going back to hometown & happy vacation at Penang

Due to long holidays, I suggested to hubby to go back to his hometown to visit his dad, and at the same time bringing the twins to Penang.
This round we didn't bring along BB JY as the previous trip, he has been very cranky and refused to be on food & drink. So, due to hot weather, we decided not to bring him along with us for this trip.

We reached Serdang, Kedah (hubby's hometown) at about 7pm.
We tapao 2 salted chicken from Ipoh for my FIL. This salted chicken is very famous in Ipoh. Every time when we happened to drop by at Ipoh, we'll sure to buy 2 chickens back, either to Kedah or back to KL. My twins can finished half of the chicken by their own, so you can imagine how delicious was it ^_^

The very famous salted chicken can be bought at :-
24, Jalan Theatre,
30300, Ipoh, Perak.
Tel : 05-254 2998
Aun Kheng Lim Salted Chicken

The next day we went to Batu Ferriggi & Teluk Bahang.
This was my first time here.
The beaches were nice and very clean.
This was taken at Teluk Bahang, nice isn't it?
Twins were playing sands & water with papa ^_^


See how excited is my twins playing sands? Hubby digs a big hole and both of them start playing the sands and throwing the sands to each other!
We stay a night at Golden Sands Resort , there was a promotion for Executive Suit at RM460++ / night. We decided to stay a night as the scenery was very nice, and at pool facility was very good.
My twins were with sparkling eyes when they saw the swimming pool & the white beaches.
They kept on shouting when I was queueing to check in at the registration counter.

The room was clean, although it was pretty small, if your were comparing the "price" with the room.
However, I like the sea view from our room, just nice with the bath tub.
My twins whom are still not satisfying after playing half of the day in the pool, insisted for a second round of water splashing in the hotel's room bath tub!

Twins posing in the hotel's room with their swimming suit, they kept shouting & requesting us to bring them to the swimming pool, and insisted to have a nice photo with their new swimming suit.
(Bought this online at reasonable price, the old one is a bit tight for KH, and he claiming that the swimming trunk is very cold for him, he requested for a suit instead ^_^)

I didn't snap any photos in the swimming pool, as I didn't bring my camera along, as I need to watch over twins while they were in the pool.
Karen, Edwin & their son - Ian came and join us in the pool.
(Karen was my landlord while I was renting a room with her at JB. Although I've moved back to KL, we still kept a close relationship with each other through chatting.)
Ian was 4 months elder than our BB JY.

The next day we wake up early for a splendid breakfast at the cafe.
We met Karen again & took a photo with her & Ian.

We finished our breakfast early & take a move to the beaches again.
Lots tourist were swimming there.
I didn't let twins to go for swimming, as I knew that they will not be willing to go back early, as we need to check out by 12 noon later.
Twins requested for sands playing again :-)

Overall, we all enjoyed our trip this round, and we'll be back again to Penang, and this round we'll bring along BB JY for a family trip.

Friday, November 2, 2012

小小的图书馆 (亲子阅读)

I loved to read books, and most of all, I loved to buy books.
I'll normally buy books online, as I've limited time for myself to do window shopping at bookstore.

Hubby have been complaint about my books, as it was everywhere, from living room, dining hall to bedroom :-( I'll try to read books to my kids, if I've time & a bad habit nowadays is I need to read few pages before I sleep.

I saw from catalogue that Tesco is having promotion for a small book cabinet.
So, I bought 1 & I spend ~30minutes to assemble the book cabinet by myself.
Yes, all by myself. I wonder when was the last time I ever used this tools? Well, it was at least 8-9 years back, when I was still in university taking my "Workshop" for my credit.

A nice assembled book cabinet, placed in my living hall, where my kids can take the books whenever they like & a place for us to share our reading hobby.


This is a good poem :-

I'm believing in this :-
Read everyday, Lead for a better life ^_^