Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A for Aeroplane

We can see aeroplane everyday from our place as the LCCT was just 30 minutes drive from our house, if we go from Dengkil. Twins are very fancy & excited about aeroplanes, when they hear the "sound", they'll go to the front door & to the backyard again & they'll count how many aeroplanes in a day that pass through our house. Off course, they'll "lost counting" the actual figures as they can only count from the number 1 to 10. From number 11 onwards, they'll go back to 1 again haha, funny.

At the age of 3, twins love to ask a lot of WHY, WHAT & WHERE.
Why the aeroplanes are flying in the sky & not on the road, like mommy & daddy's car? Where does all the aeroplanes go?

To fulfill their curiosity, hubby decided to bring them to the airport to show them what does a real aeroplane looks like & where did the aeroplane landing.
Last Sunday, hubby dropped by at the Lapangan Terbang Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (Subang Airport), while on our way to Setia Alam. He stopped by at the "Kastam" area, there were a few planes (these were the cargo planes, but for twins the passengers planes & the cargo planes are the same). We showed them the "actual" plane, taught them about the engines, the airport & etc. They were so excited & wanted to take photos with the planes. They'll shout AEROPLANES...whenever they see one.

BB JY was staring at the twins as he is too small to understand a plane. Hubby just hug him & showed him around & naughty BB JY wanted to go down & walked by his own!

It was then started to rain & we have to take a move. Overall, it's a good activity to bring kids around & showed them the actual thing. I guess to believe in a thing is by seeing it. Twins is so enjoyed & they even show to popo & gong gong about the photos they took & explaining to them the trip that they went!

Worth to go, and it's FOC.
Learning is fun & I bet twins will request us for a next trip in the following weeks.


(Twins posing in front of the aeroplane)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Learning through playing

Playing allow kids to learn about themselves and the world around them. Through playing, a kid will develop the skills that expand his / her physical, cognitive and emotional abilities.

Kodomo Kids House
This is the link which I saw online from forum that it's a good playschool for kids to join & learn a lot.
It's Kodomo Kids House, located at Setia Alam.
The teacher - Miss Ice is a very friendly & caring teacher.
(I've initially enrolled my twins for a course last month, was called off at the end due to hubby didn't allowed twins to go playschool & he needs me to take care BB JY during weekend as well. I was moody past few weeks due to this, and I don't know when my twins will be able to go playschool / kindie in near future)

We brought twins once to the Kodomo Kids House, twins loved it a lot, as they can play & learn at the mean time. Twins were so enjoy until not willing to go home, when I told them it's time to go home for a nap.

Although I only been there once, I love it's environment, especially the teacher, which is so loving for the kids. We share about the thoughts of the kids & she taught me on selecting the kid's educational toys, which we can purchased it & teach our kids.

Among the toys she mentioned, I love this one - it's a toy which we can put the "nails" into the board to do crafts / patterns.
It can train the kids to learn motor skills by pressing & removing the "nails" & at the same time to train kids to learn how to do a pattern as it has a sequence to follow in order to play on the board.
(I don't know how to call / address this toy as this toy is initially from me & my brother's generation. It was bought from my dad when we were very small. Yes, we still kept the toys & the toys were still in good condition. It was made from Italy, maybe I guess toys last time were better than now because of it's quality)

Lets see what my twins are doing :-

It's nice isn't it?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My little TIGER

Last night BB JY is very cranky. Hubby was home early & plays with him. After a while, BB JY was tired & so hubby put him to sarung & he slept at 9pm++. He woke up by midnight & later he refused to be on bed & wants us to play with him.

Hubby was too tired & he slept, while I was trying hard to maintain BB JY from midnight till 4am! BB JY refused from sarung, I've try patting him a few rounds & he'll just crawl to me & starts playing with me, which was very annoying as I was too tired to join him for any fun at all.
Yes I was too tired & started feeling dizzy, so I've no choice but to wake up daddy for his help to pat BB JY to sleep, while I can rest.

I hardly sleep & manage to take a nap from 5am - 7.45am.
The whole day I was still feeling dizzy - thanks to my BB JY.

When I woke up this morning, I took BB JY will be tiring. To my surprise both JY & hubby was very energetic & start playing around. In fact, hubby told me that he just pat him a while & the little fellow started to doze off!!

I guess the BB is bullying me, not the first time. He will only look for me when he needs milk! Yes, I'm the best "MOO MOO" for him!
(I'll write again, I'm too tired today)

(I'm a TIGER - don't play play ha....wow!)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Whereabout & happenings

About BB JY
I haven't update about BB JY for sometime.
BB JY has been very active recently.
He has started to crawl since 6 months old. Now, he is 10 months++, he began his adventures "crawling" the staircase - yes, very terrible, he find it so challenging & refuse to come down when we carry him away.
BB JY can crawled to 10 steps of the staircase at mom's place & at our place, he'll crawled to the 3rd steps & started to play with the doormat ~ Sigh!
He finds the doormat is a toy to play with!

See what's BB JY doing... ...

Papa coming for rescue

About twins
At the age of 3 years old, twins learning to communicate with the adults.
I have to state this as communication, as we are responding to them most the time, and to our surprise they can express a lot, and some of the words we have never taught them before.
The other day, twins were playing their "spoon" again, to them, the "spoon" is their HP, and they used this to call to my dad & also "the boss".
EQ : Halo, gong gong?
EQ : Zuo meh yeh (What is it in Cantonese - we never taught her before)
Oh, washing machine is spoilt, is it? Never mind lah, cannot fix then buy a new one lah....
And a night before, when we were talking about the book which left on the floor,
Me : Why the books is being removed from the book's wrapper? Can both of you tell me why?
KH : I don't know- it's mei mei. She tears it out.
Me : Mei mei, did you do so?
EQ : Nope, I saw it's you & popo removing it out?
(EQ is denying)
Popo : Who says so, when did you see us doing so?
EQ : Just now, I saw it with both eyes - 1 eye looking at mama, 1 eye looking at popo!
OMG, that's the word uttered from my 3yr old girl!

Learning through this way is fun, but I do hope that my twins don't use this as excuses & denying in things when they've made mistakes.
Accepting you are wrong is not hard, as long as you learn your mistakes ^_^
I hope my kids will remember this.

(Twins at KLCC last Saturday - hard to snap their picture at the same time)

(EQ posing in front of a huge teddy bear)

(KH playing blocks, I observed that he is good in playing this blocks, if compared to EQ. He has lots of imagination with the blocks. )

Monday, June 13, 2011

Twins learning cycling

Twins have been requesting us for a bicycle for a long time. When we were still living in our small apartment, they could only see from the balcony when kids cycling, they have requested for a few round.

Last month,while me, my brother & my mom were at JPN Puchong applying for changing the address of our IC, we went to the nearby toy shops. Twins were excited seeing so many bicycles & so as we.

I decided to buy 1 for each of them.
KH with a taller seat one, which I think still be able to ride till he's 5 yrs old.
EQ with a smaller version (lower unit), because she is much shorter than KH.

Twins were so happy when they saw the bicycles after their nap (it wasn't easy for me, as I need to make 2 rounds to the shop for replacement & maintenance)
At first, they don't know how to pedal at all, kept moving backward.
After a few days of warming up, they are much better now, just that they are still not able to "cycle" in a full round.
They will pedal "half turn" again & again, very funny when I watched them cycling.

BB JY is so excited to see twins cycling & will chase them using his walker. He is even happy when hubby put him on EQ's bicycle & starts pushing him around ^_^

Twins posing with their bicycle in our house

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Huggies Play Tent

I've managed to redeem a Huggies play tent, thanks to Shanne Yap. She gave me a 20 points sticker, enable me to have enough points for the redemption.
Thank you very much, Shanne ^_^

Hubby received the "courier" for me at home, when I went out to work. He assembled it & twins were happy playing with it - my mom told me.
(My initial plan is to redeem for BB JY, so that he can crawl & starts playing in the play tent, while I can teach twins to read / other activities)

When I knocked off from work, fetching BB JY back...BB JY sparkles when he saw the tent & started to join with the twins. In less than 10 minutes, the tent began to collapse..thanks to my 3 kiddos!!

(Twins & BB JY playing excitedly in the tent)

(The tent collapsed...in <10 minutes. My kiddos are so aggressive ~ Sigh!)

(KH coming out from the tent, surrender ^_^)

(At last, BB JY managed to "escape" from the area)

Looking at all this, if you asked me did I managed to meet my initial target / plan for the tent - well, not really.
When I started to read / teach twins, BB JY is coming to join the fun.
When my mom trying to remove him from us, BB JY crying loudly, not willing to go out. Sob - sob, seeing this makes my heart melt & trying to read to 3 kiddos at the same time really need a lot of patience, interruption is on & off.
I'm still trying my very best ^_^

Friday, June 10, 2011

Scholastics Book Buffet

I saw from Early 123 forum that there will be a Scholastic's book buffet at Mid Valley from 10-12 June. The books are very good & so I took half day leave today to buy books.

I leave by 8am today from my house, and the traffic is congested all the way from Puchong to Old Klang Road, I'm glad that I leave early today to avoid the "traffic". Reached 8.45am at Mid Valley & I thought I was "early birds"..nope, until I went upstairs and I saw parents with kids are already there. I thought it could be a good bargain since so many people reached early at the booth.

We began to queue by 9.30am. The cashier system was down for 10 minutes, and I managed to buy 2 bags - the bag was really small.
Bag's dimension : 25.5cm (Height) x 25cm (Width)
(I wonder how many could I grab??)

Sharp 10am we are allow to go in & start our "shopping". However, the reality is there wasn't lots of books in the booth. The "board books" were very limited & due to the book's size, if you want to take the books, you can only take <20 books per bag, which to me it's not worth at all.

By 10.40am, the staffs started announcing that they'll need to close the book for the next session & we are given limited time to choose & to pack the "goodies bag" ASAP. I saw lots of mommies busy arranging, and me myself was still wandering around the booth if "the top up" will still be going on. Well, again to my disappointment, I saw only once the top up is done & only 3 books was added by the workers in each session. And 3 books was nothing to me, because once put on the shelf, it was "grabbed" by others very fast in less than 1 minute!

I don't think I'll be going next year, at least for now.
1st Bag = 48 books (majority are soft cover books, which I can squeezed in a lot)
2nd Bag = 28 books (hard cover board books, which I can't squeezed in to many)
76 books =RM 99.80
1 book = RM 1.30 (Worth it?? Not pretty sure about it, but some mommies told me that this is the actual price she got for some books too during normal sales)

I was speechless..well I just sacrifice my half day leave for buying "non-value added" books?