Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I've attended 绘本座谈会 during Hari Raya Haji.
This is the first time I myself went to this type of talk.
It was interesting.
The talk was conducted by 骆淑慧, she is normally addressed as "骆驼姐姐".
The initial part of the talk was exposed to the social problems faced by the kids / teenagers nowadays, like commit suicide & tension.
The later part was about Mandala Drawings, she shared some of the kid's drawing & explained to us the analysis of the kids towards themselves, and how can we as parents help them or counselling them.

The Talk 
"骆驼姐姐" shares some 绘本 with us.
Initially we were all very quiet, as when she shares to us some picture books / 绘本, there were lack of response/ feedback from us.
She says we are "lack of imaginations"!
Yeah, I'm totally agree with it!
We as parents, always in logical thinking, and think that we should decide for our kids.
Yet, in reality, we should give our kids freedom and let them to decide for themselves.
We should let our kids to enjoy during their childhood ^_^

Some nice picture books / 绘本 shared :-
ZOOM : by Istvan Banyai - this is a very creative picture books.

Some, I can't recall the book's title :-( 

Photos taken for  "骆驼姐姐" :-

This is a very GOOD quote!


This are the books I bought from Loving Community Center, which a 20% discount for the participants. Among all this books, my favorite is 人生嘛! I send this book to hubby as his birthday present, he loves the meanings behind the every photos shown in the book. I'm glad he loves it so much ^_^
I felt touched when she was sharing her story on her brother & father's death.
I cried when she was reading 跳舞, I've the same feeling when she read this book.
I recall the things I did when I was a very small girl too, I thought my dad never love me, until I was really sick, and I realized how much my dad cares for me.
How great is our parents love to us, and how should we repay them?
Most of the time, we always think that our parents never care for us, until we ourselves have become parents and understand the pain and difficulty they've been through.
This is what they meant by : Growing Pain!
We should treasure & cherish every moment with our family, while we still can.

阅读绘本就是在每个人的心上 "种"下一颗""的种子. Hence, we should try to spend some quality time with our kids by reading story books / picture books to them. Let them know that you love & care for them, and at the same time, inspiring them reading & enhanced their imagination & build up their creative thinking ^_^


Friday, October 26, 2012

花花世界- Part 2

This week topic will be all about flowers.
Taught twins the other day about : Flower, stems & leaf. Cooked early the other day and promised to take twins to the park for a stroll, if they behaved.
To my surprise, they did behave nicely, maybe recently they didn't been to the park, so they dreaded to.

We pickup some small nice flowers & branches along the park.
This will be our materials for crafts later.

We sticked some flowers on the sketch book, one by one.
I just helped twins to apply glue on the book, they sticked the flowers by themselves.
Look, isn't it nice?

This is EQ's flowers, she sticked most of the flowers we've managed to pick.

This is KH's flowers. He did this by tearing one leaf by one & sticking them up on a stem (used with a tree's branch). Lovely, isn't it?

Folded Sketch Book
This is a very simple, not expensive acticity which you can do at home.
Just by folding a drawing paper to a few times. Mine were 2 times, for a rectangular book size.
You can teached your kids the topic which you want on the writing board, while your kids can draw / write the noted on the folded sketch book.
For details, please refer to Folded Book

This is my example for "Flower" sketch book.
When I asked twins what flowers they know?
Give a guess what is their answer?

KH then told me that he knew where he could find this wordings from the flash cards.
Busy searching the flash cards.

KH is writing the words on the board. He can't remember the spelling, so he brought along the folded sketch book, which I taught them to do with writings on it.

This morning, while I was reading some educational forum, I came across this : A nicely sunflower poster DIY. So I did mine as well.
I love the idea of sticking the words in the same column basis, which the kids can easily looked at & understand. This is very simple & easy to do, which you can also do yours as home, with your kids.

For details, you can refer to Exploring Flower

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


As I was on way back from Kinrara to fetch twins back from kindie, I saw a new flower shop at the roadside. So, I dropped by and bought some nice flowers- 2 Gerbera & 4 Roses.
I wonder what will be twin's reflection when they saw this nice flowers?

When I fetch twins from kindie, they saw the flowers & immediately pulled out the Gerbera from the wrapping papers instead. Oh, my! Luckily they didn't start pulling out the petals from the flower, thank God ^_^

Twins were very happy when they saw the flowers - as I this is the first time I bought flowers back home. Told them that I'll put them in a vase on the dining table as decoration. They offered help to put them in the vase ( I used the empty glass from the used Leggo's chunky pasta sauce instead as reusable material.)

The flowers in the nice vase :-

And our topic for today will be "FLOWERS", hehe.
We ended lunch early & started to draw flowers in our sketch book for afternoon's activity.

While twins were having their nap, I quickly did some crafts on their sketch book.
Will teach them about : Flower, Stem, Leaf & Petal ^_^

I used all recycled materials- the stems & leaves from the dropped branch in front of our car porch, the rose petal & leaves as well.


Nice isn't it?
Hope my twins will going to like it later ^_^

Monday, October 22, 2012

Blue blue Monday :-(

I wasn't in really good shape this few days.
Started with last Saturday evening, when we were on our way from Puchong to Setia Alam to fetch JY back, it was raining very heavily, and yes it was heavy traffic jam too from LDP. Hubby took a short cut from Sunway to Glenmarie and off to Kesas highway. Well, to me it was a long journey, and my dizziness started from that day onward.
Last night, on our way back to Setia Alam, again I was feeling dizzy.
Once reached mom's place, I faster hit to toilet - muak muak vomited :-(

This morning, I'm still not feeling well.
My head kept spinning, and I find myself shifted to a side till now.
Told hubby not going to office today.

So, what did I did the whole morning.
Laundry...and the whole morning, the weather is groomy & no sunshine at all.
Reflecting my own feeling as well.
Still no improvement on my dizziness.

When I felt a little bit better, I drove to Carrefour to buy some sausages, corns, fish fillets & etc.
Yeah, although not in good shape, I decided to cook lunch for twins.
Tired of eating outside food.
I fried sausages, some chicken ham, baked beans & cook pasta.
Was a bit rush as I've only 30 minutes to cook, before I need to go to kindie to fetch twins.

The outcome :-

Not bad, right?

Well, during our lunch, we had a chat.
EQ was asking me : Why the pasta is not "Spaghetti" - the long type?
I told her that isn't it "Spirals" is much more nicer & juicier?
The twins shake their head & told me : NOPE, "Spaghetti" is still nicer than "Spirals"!
Well, never under estimate your kids, as they've their own opinion & thoughts too ^_^

Oh mine, my head is still spinning non-stop, I need a rest :-(

Saturday, October 20, 2012

01-09-2012 森林妈妈故事坊(1) ~ 亲情主题绘本分享之第二场(妈妈买绿豆,逃家小兔,妈妈的礼物)

This is a backdated posting, since I've been very busy with work & life.
(I should be typing this in Chinese, however I discovered that the blogs which I try to type with NJ Star in Word when pasted in here, all the settings were in a mess, and cannot be re-arrrange at all. I just gave up  - Sigh!)

Jungle Mama a very good activity which parents can join together with their kids for all sort of activities. This is organized by a few mothers which initially they want their kids to socialize with others as well and at the same time to educate their kids & exposed them to mother nature. 

I've been trying to "register" in their activity a few times.
Most of the time, when I saw the posting in their FB, the "registration" session was full, and there was a long queue for the waiting list as well.

We were very lucky to register in one of their activity. We were late that day, as I need to drive from Puchong all the way to FRIM. We were told by the organizer that there will be a shooting program on that day by TV2 crew and the activity will be broadcasting on air by end of September.

Twins were very excited when I told them earlier that we'll be going for an outdoor activity in jungle. Yeah - jungle. Twins never been to jungle before. They were very excited when they reached there. To them the small water fall, a hanging bridge & forest is very new, as they never seen before. 

Warming Up Session  
Early morning, the teachers started with some basic exercises for warming up session. 
Teacher was singing : 什么飞啊?什么飞?
Students replying :  飞机飞啊, 飞机飞。 蝴蝶飞啊, 蝴蝶飞。 
Following with some "flying" actions. 
(Twins were not really involving themselves in it initially as they never exposed to this before. But, later when I asked them they love the exercise.)

Story Telling Session
The first story was "煮绿豆汤"- cooking green bean soup. 
This was very fun & interesting. 
I love the way the teacher involving all the kids by separating them into few groups, where the younger toddlers (3yrs old) send for washing the green bean. The 4yrs old group were send for picking up the small branches to setup fire. 
All the bigger kids were then send for doing the "火种".
Later,  all the students were gathered together again, where teacher set up for the pot.
See how exciting the kids using the fan to "煽火". EQ was squatting with Pink Dress ^_^

While we waited the green bean soup to be boil, the teachers began with the next story telling session : 逃家小兔.
Very nice and attractive story telling with dolls & moving scene.
Bravo to all the teachers.
The moral of the story is : No matter where you went, you'll still be your mom's child, and she'll be with you no matter what happened to you ^_^
We then did a small experiment too : Momentum theory hehe, with the moving balloon.

The last session was doing craft with the small branches picked up from the forest.
I didn't snap any photos for this, as twins began sweating & cranky.

Overall, we all enjoyed a lot the whole session, and looking forward to take part in the next activity in near future.

We met Siew Lan- twins' mother too.
Siew Lan with her kids. She didn't bring her twins that day for the activity.


Friday, October 19, 2012

October 2012 Happenings

October was a busy month for me & twins.
Early October, EQ has been admitted to CAH due to tonsillitis. It all happened all of sudden, without any symptom at all. Papa send twins to school just as normal.
Suddenly, the principal called up informing us that EQ was down with high fever & cried non-stop.
Papa immediately went back to kindie to fetch her & rush her to paed.

Doctor told she was infected with tonsillitis and need us to send her to nearest hospital for thorough checkup for other tests as well. She was fine & very cooperate on the first day when admitted to hospital. She requested for food & drinks. Yet, everything changes for the next few days.
I guess she began to felt lonely and boring, being left at hospital, while her brothers can play & ran.

I'm more worried for KH & JY at the other hand, as mom told me they were with mild fever too.
Oh my, I've began feeling exhausted taking care of EQ alone at hospital. Luckily after 5D 4N stays at CAH, EQ has recovered and can be discharge. Papa was then flew off to Shanghai for business trip for a week. Off he go, with me & mom alone with the kids - Sigh!

3Q MRC Concert
It was held on 7th Oct (Sunday) at Summit USJ's convection hall.
We weren't excited at all, as EQ was still at CAH. We requested doctor for time off to allow EQ to participate in the concert. Yet, I still find that this is hurting EQ as well.
She was a bit cranky in the concert, as she can't performed at all, with bandage on her left wrist.
She cried when she saw her friends dancing on stage.
She cried non-stop duing the last song (Rasa Sayang) for closing ceremony.

On the other hand, JY was so enjoyed seeing all the big brothers & sisters dancing and singing on stage. When he saw KH performed, he was pointing here & there to inform us that "gor gor" is performing.

Overall, we didn't enjoyed at all for the concert, as EQ was crying during the show.
I hope next year will be better.

Twins love drawing a lot, espeically KH. Both them requested me to send them for art class.
I did some survey, find out that Global Art was located quite near to our house.
Send twins for a trial class some weeks ago. Teacher told KH was very talented in colouring, EQ on the othet hand was lack of focusing. Have discussed with papa & will consider to send them for art class in near future.

This is some art/ craft twins did while I was taking shower. Bought this nice paper from education forum, very nice indeed. All you need to do is just use a "stick" to draw on the "black paper" or color it. The colours was very sharp & twins enjoyed a lot.
(EQ was colouring "Teddy Bear", while KH was coloring " Candy")