Thursday, May 17, 2012

Twin's Craft

I love doing crafts with twins, I guess it could be due to me loving drawings & crafts so much.
While fetching twins back some weeks back, teacher has reminded parents of a message book in the kid's bag - well, it seems that the kids need to do a craft work together with the parents for a "Thank You Card" for teacher's day & must used the recyclables materials for the craft work.

I thought this could be fun & at the same time teaching the twins about reuse items.
We did the card in 2 days as I need to collect "materials" before allocating it to the kids.

I started with :-
a.collecting alphabetical wordings for "THANK YOU" from my old magazines
(I put this wordings in 2 envelope & wrote on a cardboard for the kids & asked them to rearrange nicely)
b.collecting Vitagen's seal - this is for the flowers in the card
c.collecting after sharpening colour pencils strips - which can form as a flower for the card
d.collecting big card boards - I reused the packaging card from the bed sheet which I bought from Jusco
e.a ribbon - this broken piece was from EQ's dress which I sew back to reuse
f.some milk powder's spoon - I've plenty of this & most of the time I kept this in case of redemption ^_^
(I used blue & yellow spoon acting as a boy / girl's face)

The first night we started with the painting on the big cardboard.
We glued the wordings on the small cardboard & did finger painting for the flowers, followed with gluing the sharpened pencil color strips.
(This is done in Part 1 - the smaller card)

The second night (which happens to be a night before teacher's day) - we glued the Vitagen's seal & with the "Hugs" strips on the nig cardboard. Later part was writing "Happy Teacher's Day".
I helped twins for tying the small & big cards with my wools ^_^

And, the outcome :-
KH's Thank You Card


EQ's Thank You Card

I did a small flower basket with the Calciyum plastic cups & straws - this is for the twins to gave to their teachers as appreciation gift. I hope the teachers will be delighted ^_^

Below are some old drawings which the twins did for the past few months (I kept them for my collection)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pizza Fiesta

Today when I fetch twins back from kindie, teachers were distributing the "hand made photo frame" to the kids. Lots of mommies (including me) were so delighted seeing this - well, this is the hand made photo frame for Mother's Day ^_^

Twins were so happy handed to me their craft - nicely draw & painted & with our photos in it (I wonder if twins really draw this, as to me the flower's pattern is a bit hard for their age.) KH's one is with yellow color flower printing while EQ's one is with green colour. Obviously this were their favourite colours!

I was so touched receiving the gift hehe & so sweet - this is my first Mother's Day gift from the kids & I decided to treat twins for pizza. We went back to change to home clothes (the last round I brought them to KFC in their uniforms ended the twins mis-behaved the whole session with milo split on their clothes & tomato ketchup on EQ's dress - I had to soak & wash for few rounds to get the dirt off - Sigh!).

On our way to Pizza Hut, I told twins we are going or some pizza. Seated & the waitress gave us menus & I  requested them to have a look at the menus (staring at the kids menu) & demanding for this & that for their lunch. I never took any kids meal for this before - so I order pizza sets for KH & pasta for EQ. EQ loves pasta a lot (some weeks back papa took us to Friday, IOI for late lunch & to our surprise EQ finished all the pasta by her own & I guess the main reason is the tomato sauce for the pasta 0 her favorites)

Our meal were served :-
a.1 kid's pizza set (served with ice cream + chocolate milk shake)
b.1 kid's paste set (served with ice cream + chocolate milk shake)
c.4pcs Deli Wings (special request from EQ)
d.1 bowl of mushroom soup (for myself - but the soup was very terrible with the undiluted starch
e.and we got 1 complimentary set of kid's meal (pineapple tuna pizza + 1 soya bean drink)

The food was too much for 3 of us - and twins just took a bit for their meal, like usual - KH just want pizza & EQ the pasta. KH won't even try for any pasta, he didn't like the pasta appearance at all - it was a mess - he told..oh my. What they really fancy is the dessert - ice cream & the milk shake.

See how they are enjoying themselves :-

The next round I'll just order 1 set of kid's meal share by 3 of us..haha

At night, KH was playing wooden blocks by his own - this was one of his favorite toys...he told us it was a house & requesting me to take a photo for him & must took a snapshot for his house..hehe

I'm thinking to buy another wooden blocks for the kids -opps spending money again..hehe

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My first trial on cup cakes

I really adore those whom have great baking skills. I decided to try baking. Here it goes :-
First trial was the butter cake - I bought the butter cake mix & thought can bake the cake with my Toshiba rice cooker ( I saw from Anggugu forum that this rice coker can bake cakes & the effect was nice too). I thought it'll be easy..I guess I've high hope on myslef & over-estimate on things.
The outcome - FAILED. The cake was too hard...and tasteless.

I stopped & wondering myself - should I continue on this foolish ideas of baking, or give another try.
I told my mom about the butter cake case, and she offered to give me the oven (my broter got 2 new sets at his place as house warming presents). Thanks was the best present I ever had..hehe

With the new oven, I started to do my Einstein projects on muffins!Yes, not cakes anymore. Again, I went to the baking shop for the chocolate muffins. Excitedly..I try on my experiments.
Baking the muffins in the oven, waiting & tata the outcome - not that nice dressings but still eatable, haha.

I realized later that muffins were too dried & too hard, compared to cup cakes.
Then I did my first trial on cup cakes yesterday, following the recipe on the Kawaii Bento.
The recipe was just nice for me (at least at this stage ^_^) - 6 cupcakes, not too many & if failed, I won't waste so much at all.

And...the outcome :-
Isn't it just nice..hehe with the flower mashmallow on top of the chocolate chips cupcakes.
Yes, I've decided to do cupcakes for the kid's party on 25 May 2012.
Wish me luck, ok & lets cross our fingers & wish me all the best for my cupcakes ^_^

Twin's Drawing

Twins love to draw, especially with water color ~ Sigh! Whenever they saw Buncho's water color box, 'm they'll request me to give them for drawing. However I won't simply gave them as I'm afraid they'll just screw up the scene by playing the water color & paint on the wall / desk / sofa when I'm not around with them. Most, I'll just gave them washable crayons.

These were some photos taken last month when I've requested them to draw, so that I can rest for a while reading my news paper at night. KH loves drawing, he is very creative telling us that he draws about himself, a robot & about his toys - recently his favorite toy is the wooden block - FIREMAN - he declared him as a cool job (I think this might be due to the outfield trip at KidZania last March & also recently when I drove them to my office, on our way there were accident, where the fireman was at the scene cleaning the mess).
KH loves bright colour - Red, Blue, Yellow (but not green, funny)

(One of KH's drawing - he told me it was a car)

EQ's drawing is full of love & creativity. She'll be spending time to "match the color" accordingly - yes at this age..she'll told us this colour is nice of matching & etc. Even her clothes - she'll be very picky & selective in colours -her favorite was green & pink. I love to observe the way she was drawing  - she is very gentle & cute.

(She told us that she was drawing "En En" - a little girl with her mommy. Sweet, isn't it?)

The Magnetic Board

Bought this drawing table for the kids online last year, twins loved it so much. It's magnetic table & twins can play with the magnetic toys, alphabetical wordings & at the same time being "artist" to satisfy their needs.
You can get from IKEA too, the size was slightly bigger & pricey. I bought mine online from a forum, the manufacturer was from Chine, so was pretty cheap.