Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Twins Coughing Badly

Twins has fall sick this round. Started with KH coughing badly last Thursday, papa brought him to Dr. Leong's clinic. Finished the medicines & I brought twins again to the clinic last Saturday for 2nd medication as they've been coughing badly.

Today, EQ cough badly vomiting the phlegm out & refused to eat. She just wants to take the medicine ~ Sigh! Afraid of getting bronchitis & pneumonia, I informed papa to bring them to Dr. Chan's clinic this evening. Although sick, twins are excited going to the clinic. I guess this might be due to limited chance to go "gai gai" for weeks since I delivered JY.

Since age 2, twins never reluctant of going to clinic - they thought it's just a small visit where they can go to have a ride. They were also excited seeing other kids around at the clinic. There was a little girl that walks to EQ & play with her & I'm glad that my twins can mix with her & play with her for a while.

Twins were very cooperating in seeing Dr Chan & getting the medication.
Hopefully they'll get well soon ^_^

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our new member - JY Loo

Well, it seems months I've been MIA (Missing In Action). I've my own reason for this - and partly is because I'm pregnant with my little boy. Taking care of twins at the same time during my pregnancy & working makes me very tired & I've limited time to update my blogs too.

Now, we would proudly present to you - our little boy, Jian Yang.
He is born on 4 August 2010, weight at 3.514kg, and height of 52cm.
Hence, I've also rename my blogs to "Little Lulu's Corner" as there'll be 3 "Loo" angels in our family now.

During twins time, due to lack of rest (my confinement month was at PPUM as twins were premature babies that time), I've only limited breast milk for my twins.So this time, I'm trying very hard to breast feed JY & maintaining it.
It's not an easy task but I'm hoping to give my very best for my boy.

I'll update again, when I'm free later.
Opps need to go now, JY is crying.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Twins Photos

I hardly can take twins photos at the same time. Either one of them will start be mischievous, or ended up none of them posing & looking at me for the shoots ~ Sigh!
(I really admire mommies whom updating their blogs with nice kids photos as I hardly got myself a nice shooting, or maybe I'm lack of skill? Mind to share any tips?)

Last Saturday, we went to Mid Valley - Parenthood Expo. I wanted to subscribe the Mommy Baby's magazine, which is at RM110.00 for a year subscription & FOC with 4 months + a small gift (some freebies for mommy & twins). On top of it, I got a Vincy cloth bag from the lucky draw...haha thanks Citta Bella ^_^

We got ourselves 2 free photo shooting as well.
But, too bad twins were not in good mood during the shooting, none of them smile at the cameraman or the staffs there. I guess it could be too crowded at the exhibition hall & lots were staring at them during the shooting.

(See how moody were my twins ~ Sigh!)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

EQ's Cosplay

The other day, while I was busy folding the bed sheets & pillow case. My twins at the same time were also busy "keepoh" playing the folded things.
My hubby joined the fun by dressing up EQ with the pillow case, lets see the photos below as picture tells a thousand words :-

(Daddy dressing up his little princess)

(EQ began her little posing, laughing at her ownself by looking at the glass window)

(EQ : Hey, I'm a cute babe!)

(Exhausted & hot after the cosplay, EQ in a moody look)

All of you might wondering why KH is not in the shots with EQ. While I was shooting EQ & her daddy funny look, this little KH become my director by pointing my digital camera & starts shouting "Mei Mei" & "Ba Ba". When he looked at the camera & found EQ, he's so excited & starts calling his little sister to join the fun. We tried to dress up KH, yet he seems more fond himself with the shooting process of EQ than being a little model by his own.

It might be wild & very tiring playing with twins, especially when you need to clean up their mess later on. However all the fun is still worth it ^_^

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Twins Whereabouts (Backdated Posting)

It's not easy to watch kids grow, from newborn, to year 1 & now reaching year 2.
It seems like a dream as my twins were just born, but in reality they'll be reaching to actual age 2 by this May.

As usual, birthday for Loo's family is just a normal family gathering.(The main reason is daddy is super busy with his new project, and he's not free for the celebration.)Bought a fruit cake for twins & I thought they will blow the candles. Instead, they were just staring at the candles & looking at me & their daddy innocently & demanding for the cake...haha cute twins.

My dad (twins grandpa) bought them some musical toys, and whenever he's here, my twins will request for the toys. Too bad the musical toys were banned by me & my mom as we found the toys were too noisy & twins will start fighting each other for it.

Yes, my twins love to fight, especially when they are trying to "defence" their "treasures". Yes, they've declared themselves their own "kingdom" and none can conquer their empire. No exemption, not even us - adults!

If you think that my girl might be loosing in her battle, you might be wrong!
My darling EQ is a great defender, where she'll starts pushing her elder brother away & starts kicking him too, next follow by knocking & etc...Bla bla too violence, which we find unbelievable as a "GIRL" to do that. None of us teach them in this & I believed this is human nature? The strongest survive?

Nowadays twins are active - not yet talkative but will try to communicate with us with this & that. KH loves dancing & singing a lot, moving & shaking his body. EQ will only dance for her favorite songs. Sometimes I admire how twins can just watch the same DVD again & again, without bored (they requested for the same DVD)?

Just some photos taken lately

(Twins on 2nd birthday - 10th March 2010)

(Yummy...fruit cakes ^_^)

(EQ with daddy at Serdang, Kedah - granny's place)

(KH with E-Shu (2nd uncle) at Serdang, Kedah - granny's place)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let bygones be bygones

Hello all pretty mommies & friends,
Apologized for not updating my blog for some time.
I've been busy lately, and this year, 2010 seems to be a mishap for me & my twins.

We've a very bad Chinise New Year at Penang. This is our family first trip back to Penang (hubby's place) with twins. We didn't have a proper rest or meals there.
(Yes, please don't asked me why ..this & that.)
(And, I'll have to say this will be our last trip back to Penang also.)

My boy, KH is admitted to hospital on the 15 Feb due to high fever and is discharged on the 17 Feb. I can still remember vividly how we rushed to the clinic & to the hospital. Couldn't lay my eyes off my boy afraid that he's cramping again for high fever for those long days.

Luckily, he is alright now but still need to be monitor / observed as he's temperature sensitive, which need to monitor if have high fever again in future, till age of 6 yrs old.

Our CNY with twins sick at the same time, withour proper rest had really kill me & hubby. The whole family is with "PANDA LOOK" and this festive is a moody season, which I felt so guilty that bringing my twins back to Penang for their first CNY.

I just hope all the mishap just went off and the whole family start with a properous & healthy year. Lets cross our fingers & pray to GOD ^_^

Let bygones be bygones ^_^

Special thanks to Karen Law & Irene for their encouragement during my "dark days"