Friday, August 28, 2009

Most Loving Sibling Photo Contest

I found out this contest accidentally while surfing Angel's blog & was fascinated with this photo contest. So I quickly come and have a look about this.
This is "The Most Loving Sibling Photo Contest" organized by MOBS

It's not easy to take twins's photo at the same time, as either one of them will just starts disturbing the other and the whole photo session just ended with imperfect feature.

This is my twin's photo taking at 2 months old.
My elder boy - Kiam Hong with his little sister - En Qi.
(My premature born twins are now 15 months ++)

I've choose this photo for my posting as this is my favorite photo for my twins - both holding hand by hand, simple, sweet and being in-touch with each other.It shows passion & love in twins, and I hope this will be a sweet memory for them when they grow up.

To be frank with you, I didn't purposely put their hand together for posting, it's coincidentally when I saw Kiam Hong try to hold his sister's hand.
I guess they could feel they are born as twins ^_^

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My First Online Purchase Book

Last Saturday, I've my first on-line purchased book.
This is one of the series of Schichida Method.
My comment about this book :-
a.not bad, lots of pictorial examples on DIY flashcards & activities books
b.price is reasonable - bought this at RM36.16, RM6.00 for courier charges
(I'm not sure about the market price as I've no time to survey at bookstore)

For those of you who will like to know more about this book.
Please visit for details.

I've found a very user-friendly Chinese parenting blog / forum.
Please feel free to drop by at for more details.
There's free online education software programme which can be downloaded (example :DIY flashcard, Disney songs & etc)
This is the recent one which I've downloaded, which I think is quite interesting and good.

Sharing is caring ^_^
Have a look and let me know your comments about it & please share to me if there's any education website which we can also learn ^_^

Monday, August 24, 2009


Free Drypantz from SCA

Last Saturday when I went back to our small apartment, to my surprise - I received freebies from Drypers. It's 4pcs M size Drypantz.... and thank you SCA in your generousity in giving me free samples again. I've received mine few months back and SCA gave me twin pack for the Drypers & Drypantz.
Thank you so much ^_^

Free Barney Flashcards & Education CDs from Neslac Excella Gold

I've been a loyalty customer in supporting Neslac Excella Gold since twins are 1 year old. I found that this formula milk is with second highest DHA, compared to Mead Johnson's Enfagrow A+.
(I'm also a kiasu mother who believe in the DHA thing in kids ^_^)

Just bought 5 boxes recently from Carrefour - it's cheap at RM22.99 and free 1 set of Barney flashcards. Total 2 volumes available - Alphabet & Numbers. I've manage to keep a few collection again & the kind promoters even gave me some nice education CD - Left Brain & Right Brain.

Sharing is caring ^_^
I'll be sending out the CD / the flashcard to mummy who are interested in getting it from me. Just a kind reminder that first come first serve. I'll be posting it with normal mail. So if you are interesting in it, please leave me a comment, OK?
(total 1 set of flashcard, 2 sets of CD will be giving away ^_^)

Friday, August 21, 2009


Create your own at

Just now when I went back to have lunch with my mom, she told me that my boy is with slight fever.OMG - fever at this critical period wasn't fun at all especially with increasing number of H1N1.We've observed this few days, the boy's gum is swollen. It could be teething time for my little boy now.

I gave my twins 保嬰丹 - each with 1 dose, prevention for En Qi as well. Kiam Hong became inactive, he just sat in front of the fridge playing the magnetic boards. I tried to fed him with his favorite dumpling - yet he just ran away. I guess poor boy must have not feeling well and lost his appetite too. I'll just have to observe how will he be after taking the chinese medicine and nap.

Lets cross our fingers and pray that my boy can recover soon ^_^
Get Well Myspace Comments

Happy Friday ^_^

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Twins Height

Due to premature babies, twins look similar smaller, if compared to same age toddler. Their actual age need to be minus 2 months compared to their physical age, till reaching 2 years old.

Last Saturday I managed to buy the Rhymes Height Measuring Chart from Popular Bookstore.(Nice nursery rhymes, and I decided to unwrap the packaging as I knew my mischievous twins will tear the nice chart.)I also bought some books for them - a Disney ABC bubble book - as my agressive twins will tear books given to them, even the hardcover type & I've headache trying to teach them or read to them ~ Sigh!

Twins Posing with the Height Measuring Chart
Kiam Hong with 79cm at 15 months++

En Qi with 73cm at 15 months ++

Did you noticed that my twins with new hairstyle?
Kiam Hong with "Botak Look" and poor little En Qi with "Tomboy Look".
The reason is because the weather is too hot & twins keep on sweating. So darling, please forgive your mum for your "new look" ^_^






Thursday, August 13, 2009


恩琪 : 哥,你看媽咪在做什麼?
健峰 : 妹,媽咪在幫我們做video show啦,黑黑的是相機.快點擺pose.

恩琪 : 哥,我還是覺得很奇怪.媽咪傻傻的蹲在那邊.
健峰 : 媽咪,你要拍美美哦,我和我的水瓶.

健峰 : 妹妹,我給你水瓶,來你要擺美美哦.
恩琪 : OK OK...快快....

健峰和恩琪 : 我們是呂家小兄妹,don't play play with us...hoo hoo

Monday, August 10, 2009


眼看時間還早,我們就先去Hytex warehouse"血拚".老公得意洋洋的研究新賣的 : Garmin GPS 該怎麼去.
寶貝的戰勝品 (每人兩套)

有句俗語:希望越大﹐失望越大。 我想這句話用在我身上是蠻恰當的﹐因為用了火鍋後﹐或許是我的肚子較敏感-肚子不舒服﹐星期天還瀉了三次﹐好可憐!

一早起身﹐煲了羅粟湯﹐煮了珈哩雞-哈哈我的廚藝並不是很好﹐普普通通。只是通常都會在週末為家人烹飪佳餚﹐ 一家人開心用餐。我的生日當天就是為家人做煮飯婆。雖然有點累﹐可是想到吃得開心及健康﹐就安慰了。


Friday, August 7, 2009

Birthday Wishes

I was delighted when I received a birthday card from Mamil Mama Gold Club. Thanks!
Nowadays can hardly received a virtual card, people prefer emails and sms - faster & cheaper too. Yet, in my opinion, I still prefer the days where we were writing letters. 比較有親切感!
(Ask yourself : Whens the last time you ever write to your loved ones?)

I'll be turning to 31 by this Sunday - Happy Birthday ^_^
Stepping into 30's, meaning more responsibilities as a wife and also a mom!
My wishes is simple that all my family members are :-

當我小的時候, 我曾經抱過洋娃娃...走過歲月

三十年后, 我的小寶貝-恩琪也像我小時的模樣

(生日也是母難日,在此, 我要感謝我的母親,含辛茹苦的撫育我和弟弟長大...媽媽,我愛妳^_^)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Left Handed Or Right Handed

Old folks used to say that left handed is not good, especially for those superstitious people. In my case, I noticed that Kiam Hong is right handed while En Qi is left handed. (This are through our observations from the way they are holding things, eating habits, playing & etc.)I do not know that whether this will be fix or not.

However,one of the doctor told us that it is very hard to determine at such a young age. At toddler, they'll use both hand instead of one, and most of the time they are just playing, so we can't determine it exactly.
(This is consulted from PPUM's doctor)

Anyway, for my case I'll just have to ask my hubby to teach En Qi to write when she's older as he's a left handed. While, I'll just focus on Kiam Hong. But, I think that time we'll need to adjust our writing or eating habits - else, we'll end up fighting & knocking each other ^_^

Twins Playing with Utensils

Thank You

This is an old posting, which I've been draft in my mind for few months.
Thank you, Vinccy for the gifts to my twins ^_^

Vinccy is my twins God Mother (契媽) - she's the only close ex-schoolmate which I'm still keeping in touch with. Although we meet only once a year, she'll drop at our place to meet my angels.I'll have to admit this is my only time to socialize too.(Ever since moving back to KL to settle down & taking care twins, I've limited time to socialize, and I've lost contact with my JB's friends too.)

Little En Qi at 2 months old

Twins at 1 year old

Thank you Aunt Vinccy for the lovely clothes you bought for us!
(Most of them are girlish style, so I reserved them for En Qi)

En Qi's Posing

Twins First Word

Finally, after waiting so long. My twins uttered their first word : "Ah Ba..Baba".
Ghee, a bit jealous beacuse they are saying this to the daddy, and not me.
My hubby is so happy in this 2 days, angels kept repeating "Ah Ba".
I wondered when will be my turn - hearing my twins calling me "Mama"?

Twins's Nen Nen Time

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Great Things to Share

Thanks to Irene for recommend me buying Aqua Doodle.

I bought the set at RM39.90 from Jusco Puchong, yesterday. (Normal price at RM49.90, a 20% discount is given during sales). The set is good, just too bad there's only 1 pen available for the set. Twins are fighting for the pen. Sigh!
(I think I'll try to search for the Aqua Pen, since it's made by Pilot, it should be available in the market.)

Twins just pin point the mat, instead of writing on it.
I know it takes gambatei my two little angels ^_^
Daddy is teaching Kiam Hong to write with right hand, although actually Daddy is left handed ha ha (We noticed that Kiam Hong is right handed, while En Qi is left handed)

Another great product I want to share is the Buds Organic Mozzie Clear Lotion. (Bought 1 at RM25.40 at Caring Pharmacy - normal price at RM29.90, 15% discount is given during sales). My comment for this product is GOOD! It's 99% organic, the smell is pleasing, not too oily and it can be apply on baby's skin with soothing effect after mosquito's bites. This is good for outing..bye bye mosquitoes!

You may also email to for free samples.
I've emailed yesterday and they'll be sending me some free sachets by next Monday. Can't wait to try on this Buds organic.

That's all for time being. Sharing great things is good & fun!