Friday, July 24, 2009

My Helloyaya Shoes

Finally, after waiting a month, have received my Helloyaya shoes.
Thank you Celine ^_^

Twins was curious about the shoes, kept looking in & out and pointing their feet indicating that they want to wear the new shoes. So me & my dad quickly put them on the new shoes, and my little gal started to walk a few steps without assistance.
Bravo En Qi!

Daddy was early home yesterday (I told him that I've got twin's shoes today & I wanna try on them). So I guess he was home early to have a look how's the 2 little angels doing. We brought twins downstairs of our small apartment for a walk.

The 2 little angels became demons when they reached the parking lot!
En Qi tends to goes here and there (Daddy holding her and let her walk)
Me with my little prince - Kiam Hong. Not an easy task too for me as Kiam Hong tends to make emergency stop suddenly turning here and there too.

As dinner is ready by 7.00pm, we brought twins home.
Dissatisfied, En Qi started to cry louldy protesting that she hasn't have enough, followed by Kiam Hong too. I guess the shoes was so soft that they want to walk and play. I'll try to go home early and to try bring twins downstairs more often for a walk.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Twins with Doraemon 雙寶叮噹

Daddy bought a few nice T-shirts during his business trip at Bangkok a few months back.They were too big for twins at that time.
So, the nice T-shirts were just kept at the cabinet for some time.

On one fine day, I decided to clean up the twins clothes cabinet.
Twins crawled quickly and started to look at what I'm doing in the room.
Excited and amazed - both of them stared at the Doraemon costume.

En Qi started to point her little finger to the costume and giving me a hint that she wants to wear it. So, I put the costume on her and she was so happy started to ride on her car and go touring instead, while leaving the little brother in the room.

Kiam Hong unwillingly crawled out and started pointing at the costume indicating that he wants to try on it too. So, me & my mom coaxed En Qi and putting the Doraemon on Kiam Hong
He seems not too happy with the cloth as he kept on pulling the "hat portion", which is on the back of the costume.
I guess it was because his head size -too big! 大頭

Well, daddy just bought one and sharing is the basis in twins.I used to read an article that stated twins will learn sharing faster, if compared to other kids, as they've used to share most of the things since they were in foetus!

The more we get together, the merrier will be ^_^
分享快樂, 一切因你/妳而美!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Mischievous En Qi

Last Sunday, while waiting for "grandpa & grandma", we took the twins for a ride at Carrefour, Kepong. Kiam Hong was so busy looking and playing around and I didn't managed to take a snapshot of him. However, En Qi my little gal - she's always playful (鬼馬) and started with her funny look. Just have a look at she's been trying to do ^_^

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bringing Twins Out

Bringing twins out is not an easy task.
Despite of the huge bag with the basic necessary (diapers, milk powder, thermos, clothing & baby wipes), the most important in my case is the twin's mood.
If they are playing tantrum on that day, the whole outing spirit is spoiled, regardless of the things prepared earlier.

Last weekend, we've a great day with our twins.
On Saturday, we brought twins to Nicole & Elaine Jie Jie 21st Birthday Party.
Yeah, they were pretty twin sisters.

(Nicole & Elaine with Racheal (elder sister) at their 21st birthday.)

Twins were having fun themselves initially in the highchair, quite cooperate to let you feed them.
The tomyam fried rice for the buffet was quite nice. Twins finished a small plate..yum yum
As time flies, the twins began loosing their interest & patience in the party, with climbing up & down the highchair and starting with stunts. Me and my hubby have to stop our meal and takes turn to play with the twins, in order to stop their stunts.

(Little Kiam Hong is so excited playing the plastic spoon with papa in the party.)

Although me & my hubby didn't ate much in the buffet (because of trying to maintain twins in good condition), but we've a fun time with twins during the outing.

Practise makes perfect.
Hopefully our next outing will be in a much easier way and fun too, as twins will be growing up.
Lets cross our fingers and pray to God, Amen ^_^

Monday, July 13, 2009

My First Movie after Twins Delivery

After delivered twins, I can hardly find personnel time for myself or to socialize. Yesterday weather was quite cooling and soothing, so me & my hubby decided to catch a movie, while dropping the twins to my mom's place at Kepong.

Cinema was always a crowded place during weekend.
Transformer 2 was only available at 5.30pm when we reach at Metro Prima.
Mu hubby immediately bought the ticket, while me still dazzling around and wonder whether my mom can maintain the twins alone later at Kepong.
(Twins haven't been to Kepong's place for at least 2 months).
My mom smiled and said she'll be fine with the twins, so I felt relief and decided to catch the movie then.

I kept looking and counting the time during the whole show. Enjoying the show, yes indeed but still feeling guilty leaving my twins behind with my mom and wondering whether twins will be in good condition and not playing tantrum.

Finally the shows ended at 8.00pm ++, and we rushed back to my mom's place to look at the twins. Kiam Hong was sitting alone at sofa playing with paper, while my mom is hugging En Qi when we reached home. (I guess maybe I worried too much of them ^_^)

Although having some personnel time is great, but I'll still prefer to have twins with me together, is this a normal habit?

Friday, July 10, 2009


My twins like biscuits a lot. They can finished 2 Tiger biscuits in seconds and later requested more from you..with their mumbling "mum mum". Sometimes I gave them biscuits as snacks, while playing their toys in order that my mom or myself can concentrate cooking at the kitchen.

Yesterday I gave them Oreo after finishing 2 Tiger biscuits each.
Kiam Hong was kinda curious with Oreo, playing the cream and enjoying his meal. En Qi too, enjoying the Oreo (without the cream).

I was shocked when I saw her putting the whole biscuit in her mouth..when she saw the brother is coming her way. I guess she's afraid the brother is gonna took the Oreo away from her..haha....(kiasu)

I do not know whether other twins mother did facing the same problem as I've now with my is more dominant than the other.

Recently we found out that Kiam Hong (my Twin 1) will pushed his little sister away when he saw us hugging or playing with her. He wants us to concentrate on him only, instead of the little sister..very funny?

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Twin's Toys

Nowadays kids are so lucky, if compared to the olden days, which we dared not ask or request for toys from our parent.

Sincerely speaking, I'm not that rich either to grant every wishlist my twins are hoping for.
Yet, I'll try my best to buy the good quality toy for my twins.
Bought a Fisher Price walker last month for them.
The initial purpose of that walker is to encourage them to walk, because there'll be music when they are pushing /walking. Yet, twins find it easier to ride it, compared to walking. Ended up walker being "used" as "rider". Price is expensive yet the quality is absolutely good!
I always have queries on how to buy toys for twins.
By selecting the toys according to age or how?
But I believed at a younger age, the more they exposed to play with "a proper toy", the more will improve their motor skills. Learning is indeed fun!