Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hectic & busy holidays

I've been really busy since last month. This is backdated postings for myself so that I can pen down some nice memories about our kids ^_^

19 May - 21 May 2012
Marked as important trip for our family  - we brought twins to Penang for a short holiday. (Hubby needs to attend his friend's wedding dinner) We didn't bring JY alone as we are just unable to handle 3 kids by ourselves :-(
Recall back the trip, it wasn't easy at all. Twins have been coughing badly the week before & ended me myself also down with fever. On the day we are leaving to Penang, papa send us to clinic for medical treatment just to make sure everyone is OK for the trip. (If you asked me, I wouldn't go because I'm too exhausted due to my sickness)

We reached Penang island at 6.30pm -  a bit late & behind our initial schedule. Lost our way to find our hotel. Luckily we manage to meet up with hubby's cousin sister & they lead us to check in to our hotel & head for our dinner.

The 1926 Heritage Hotel was clean & comfortable for staying, to me but not for hubby. Hubby claimed that the facility were too old & not standard. Well, I guess the price was within our budget as we were only planning for a night stay. The Rasa Sayang Hotel was at RM570 ++ per night, which I think was too much for us.

Twin's eye were sparkling when they saw swimming pool in the hotel, haha. They requested for a swim (luckily I bought all their swimming clothes for stand by). EQ was brave in playing water, compared to KH. KH dared not walk even to the children's swimming pool by himself, he wants me to hold his hand to go with him & join with hubby & EQ - Sigh!
(Too bad my camera's battery is flat & I couldn't take any photos later on)

We went to Strait's Quay ( a new shopping mall according to our cousin in law). It was a small shopping mall with some flea market & the main attraction was the boats parking outside. The scenery should be very nice during sun sets (but we missed that as we were too late). Yet, the night scenery was nice too, it'll be better during windy days. It was the first time we brought twins to see boats, everything seems special & new to them.

This is the first photo taken for twins at Penang, on our way to restaurant for our dinner.
Twins in trishaw (took the opportunity to take this photo while the driver parked his trishaw at roadside)

On the second day, we checked out early from hotel & went to Kek Lok Si Temple for a praying.
Didns manage to go to uphills, as twins refuse to walk by their own & want us to carry them. Ended we just pray at downhills temple. There were a place for turtle's feeding further inside the temple. Kids were enjoying themselves feeding the turtles, we bought 2 bundles of kangkung for the twins. If we didn't "force" them to go back, I guess they'll be staying there till end of the day. (The small bundle of kangkung were sold at RM1.00 each & was too pricey to me. Kangkung were sold at less than that in hypermarkets, I guess in tourism places, this is how people deal with business, right? Especially we the parents, with kids, seeing our own kids enjoying so much.)

Next we went to Penang Hill - lots of people queuing for the train. Luckily we were early that day. Waiting our turns & manage to get our seats next to the window so that twins can have a better view & experience during the ride. It was very fast, I guess about 10 minutes ride from down hill to up hill. We went for a stroll uphills, lots of walking & due to hot weather twins were very tiring & want us to carry them the whole trip. It was torturing for me, especially I'm with serious back pain that time.

At noon, we headed back to Seberang Perai as we need to check in our hotel & rest before attending the wedding dinner. I suggested to hubby to take ferry instead as this will be a very nice experience for twins.
It was indeed. Took a photo for twins & hubby in the ferry. Twins love the ferry ride so much.

Although it was very tiring for me during the whole trip, I'm glad that we brought twins along for a short holiday. Exploring twins to public transport - train, ferry was a good experience, which I hope they can still remember when they were a bit older. I'm still looking forward for another family trip, but this round I really hope we can bring JY along. Lets cross our fingers & pray to the best ^_^