Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Twins Coughing Badly

Twins has fall sick this round. Started with KH coughing badly last Thursday, papa brought him to Dr. Leong's clinic. Finished the medicines & I brought twins again to the clinic last Saturday for 2nd medication as they've been coughing badly.

Today, EQ cough badly vomiting the phlegm out & refused to eat. She just wants to take the medicine ~ Sigh! Afraid of getting bronchitis & pneumonia, I informed papa to bring them to Dr. Chan's clinic this evening. Although sick, twins are excited going to the clinic. I guess this might be due to limited chance to go "gai gai" for weeks since I delivered JY.

Since age 2, twins never reluctant of going to clinic - they thought it's just a small visit where they can go to have a ride. They were also excited seeing other kids around at the clinic. There was a little girl that walks to EQ & play with her & I'm glad that my twins can mix with her & play with her for a while.

Twins were very cooperating in seeing Dr Chan & getting the medication.
Hopefully they'll get well soon ^_^

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our new member - JY Loo

Well, it seems months I've been MIA (Missing In Action). I've my own reason for this - and partly is because I'm pregnant with my little boy. Taking care of twins at the same time during my pregnancy & working makes me very tired & I've limited time to update my blogs too.

Now, we would proudly present to you - our little boy, Jian Yang.
He is born on 4 August 2010, weight at 3.514kg, and height of 52cm.
Hence, I've also rename my blogs to "Little Lulu's Corner" as there'll be 3 "Loo" angels in our family now.

During twins time, due to lack of rest (my confinement month was at PPUM as twins were premature babies that time), I've only limited breast milk for my twins.So this time, I'm trying very hard to breast feed JY & maintaining it.
It's not an easy task but I'm hoping to give my very best for my boy.

I'll update again, when I'm free later.
Opps need to go now, JY is crying.