Monday, December 28, 2009

A Special Gathering with Angel, Carol & Irene

I was counting and really looking forward on 26 Dec'09. As I was working half day, I couldn't stop looking at the watch waiting to be knock off. Hubby can sensed my impatience and willing to set me free a bit earlier to meet my blogger mama...thanks hubby ^_^

I was so excited when I saw Irene with twins (Aiden & Eden), Angel with Oscar boy and Carol with her boy - Shawn! How I wished that my twins were here too as I left them at home with my mom. It'll be more merrier & fun for twins when they see so many people & kids with them!

We've a short gathering at Wendy's. I was a bit retardant to join initially as I was alone there..yes hubby went shopping and it was my first outing by my own meeting my friends! But, as I saw the boys (the kids), I was happy and delighted. Oscar boy is super active & quite photogenic..lots of nice poses ^_^

Irene & Twins (Aiden & Eden)
A very loving family.

(Opps..I still can't differentiate between Aiden & Eden..sorry Irene ^_^)

Carol - Shawn boy & Angel - Oscar boy

(Cute boys..this is my first meet up with Carol. Thanks for the gifts ^_^)
(Observed nice & cheering smile on everyone..say cheese ^_^)

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2010 ^_^

A blissful gathering meeting my friends and thank you so much for the gifts. I really appreciate it a lot and I'm looking forward of meeting you all with my twins in near future. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ^_^

My naughty twins enjoying the gifts from auntie Angel, Carol & Irene ^_^

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Enjoying Christmas with Twins

Christmas is a day full with joy and love with family gathering.
I've a wonderful day with my family especially my twins.

On early morning, we brought twins & my mom to have dim sum at Puchong. Although it's just 8.00am, people were queueing for their seats. Twins were enjoying much with their dim sum. Their favorites were "Xiew Mai" & "Wu Kok". My girl loves to drink Chinese tea. She refuses us to feed her and insisted to hold the cup by her own and to sit on the same chairs like we - adult were. Her elder brother (my boy)is willing to sit on the baby high chair but sooner or later losses his interest in it when he saw his mischievous sister is doing some stunts ~Sigh!

After the breakfast, we headed home & faster bath twins & put them to sleep because we've important mission later at 3.00pm at IOI Mall. Yes, we're heading for Avatar movie with twins, hubby & my mom. Maybe twins were also excited going for gai gai, they wake up at 12 noon and we went to Bt 14, Puchong for the famous "yong tau fu"...a nice lunch!

We reached IOI Mall at was raining quite heavily. We were lucky to have a car parking near to the door entrance where hubby could drop us there. The mall was crowded with people as it was raining and twins just started to be excited to walk by their own with shouting & ee aa...their baby language!

Sharp 2.45pm we headed for our big challenge..yes the cinema after feeding them milk. My boy was so excited when we brought him to the cinema & it's my girl second times. I thought KH will cry but he was so excited when he saw stairs and wanted to walk & we have to hold him tight & seduced him with "pop corns"! My naughty boy even throw the mineral water bottle to our front Malay lady....luckily my boy smiled innocently and she just ignored him..else....I'm afraid we might need to send him out! The movie was nice & we really enjoyed the whole show, with me & my mom hugging twins to sleep ^_^

After the show, we went to Kenny Rogers for our dinner. Twins were looking at the menu...see how mischievously are they ^_^

I had a wonderful Christmas with my family, especially with my twins! Although it's tiring, the feeling is so good to have a family outing together. Yes, we'll definitely looking forward for another movie ^_^

Friday, December 18, 2009

Being Lazy

December seems a month of holidays to me - with continuous PH for Friday till next week. I've been lazy lately for updating my blogs (poor lousy excuses haha)
Anyway, this is the month of thanks giving & prize giving too. I've been lucky lately for receiving some small gifts:-
a.a RM10.00 voucher from FedEx last week as an appreciation for an online survey about their courier service
b.a kitchen towel & a cooking recipe from Naturel for participating in their last campaign which ends on 30th Sept'09
c.a nice Christmas card from my friend, Vinccy - thanks a lot & I really appreciate it.

I think I need to prepare some small gifts in return by this week for my friends too..and of course a nice excuse to buy things again for my twins wahaha.

Merry X'mas & Happy New Year ^_^

(I've no eye see this round - don't know how long mama is going to shop this round!)

Monday, December 14, 2009

X'mas Shopping at 1 Utama & Mid Valley

X'mas is just around the corner and I've love X'mas since I was a kid. I like it a lot, although I'm not Christian myself, I just enjoyed this special moment with my family. We normally have a small gathering-enjoying our meal & chit chatting.

Last Friday, we brought twins to 1 Utama after their nap. Change clothes, feed them some snacks, pack & off we go heading to 1 Utama. The traffic is smooth, not as bad as weekends. We were very lucky this round to find a car park as a nice couple showed us their parking as they were leaving ^_^

My twins were more excited than us, when we reached the shopping mall. Crowded and yet twins love walking by their own, especially my boy. He'll just walk very fast & nearly knocked down people, and they have to avoid themselves from not knocking my boy. My boy was screaming all the way as he walked passed the crowds and my girl starts screaming excitedly as she saw what her brother did too. Me & hubby is like chasing twins in the mall ^_^

We didn't shop much as not easy to buy things and at the same time hugging twins.
We were interested in getting Lorenzo's sofa set. Too bad we miss out the promotion, as the displayed unit were just sold off~ Sign! Never mind, wish us luck for another promotion haha!

Shopping at Mid Valley
Yes, we went shopping again at Mid Valley last Saturday, with twins.
This round, we were lucky and daddy bought a 32" Toshiba LCD TV at RM1299.00. I guess the price was quite cheap as Harvey Norman is having promo till 13 Dec and for a minimum purchase of RM200.00, you are entitled for a lucky draw. But, too bad we missed out 2x lucky draw..haha, although we waited patiently at the scene for our turn! Yet, we were delighted as we were given a Princess Sandwich Grill Set from the CIMB credit card with the TV purchase.

Didn't buy anything at MidValley later on, as pushing our trolley with the TV set & with twins in it, certainly not an easy task & when my twins start screaming..we are in big mess!
Yet, I enjoyed the outings with twins very much, although it's not easy & very messy ^_^

Some nice photo at 1 Utama

(My boy looking so innocently and posing, as he's not willing to take photo.)

(Me & my, my girl is running to her dad and peeping to the camera while daddy is shooting us)

(Me & my twins..not easy to take the photo with them at the same time.)

(At last, our family photo for X'mas this year, not really nice, but better than don't have any for remembrance, right?)

Some old memories ...Last year X'mas with Twins

(My hubby with twins...that time twins were with actual age of 7 months++, noticed my twins were quite small size.)

(My hubby with his princess, adorable?)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Attempts

Have been reading some recipes and I'm trying myself on weekends, if I've time as I won't be able to cook during weekdays as my mom will start criticizing me being TOO SLOW! (I guess you can't have 2 women in the same kitchen)
My hubby will be my target this round, poor hubby!
See what I've prepared for the family :-
Fried Rice for Twins

Fish & Chips for me & hubby

Uhm..I think I can do better next round. I've set target to learn to cook Teochew Dishes this weekend and if possible this Friday as it's PH. Hope everything goes smooth ^_^ BTW, any Teochew mama would love to give me tips in preparing the dishes?

Warehouse Sales at Popular, Summit USJ

I've seen lots of blogger mama updating about the Popular warehouse sales at Summit, USJ. So last Saturday after lunch, we brought twins together with my mom & brother to the place. It wasn't easy to find a parking there. We managed to find 1 after 3 rounding at the basement.

Lots of people there when we reached the place. Twins were so excited when they see lots of books there, especially Kiam Hong. He'll pick the book he likes and carry it along until he hunts for the next target. He even picked a book and passed to a lady at the bakery / cooking session. The lady just smiled at him & says thank you and my boy so happy and turned towards me for a hug ~ Sweet!

It wasn't easy to search for the books with twins around. We need to separate them. My mischievously girl, En Qi will just starts running at the area, while we try to catch her and her naughty brother whenever saw his sister acting, started following her and pulling the books to the empty baskets ~Sigh! My brother even starts complaining tired looking at my boy & I've to hug him tightly to prevent his mischievous acting at the area.

We managed to shop till 5.00pm and headed to the cashier. Guess how much we've spent?
RM100.80 only haha - I consider this cheap as most of the books were on 80% discounts. Picture says a thousand words, lets see what we bought :-

(ABC & 123 Magnetic Board - another toy to be play at the kitchen.)

(Daddy's comic book which he claimed must buy!)

(Our books - cooking recipes, stories book & etc. I managed to buy 2 books at RM1.00 each, cheap?)

Dinner at Zhi Jia Ren, Bandar Puteri Puchong

We headed to restaurant for dinner from USJ. I guess it's early to have dinner at 5.00pm++, where most of the Chinese Restaurant will have a short break from 3.00 ~6.00pm. We just waited for an hour in the car as twins were sleeping soundly.
I've saw from Sin Chew some weeks ago about this Hakka Restaurant : Zhi Jian Ren.
The food displayed is nice with good environment too.
Starving, my boy shouted to have his meal ASAP!

As overall, the dishes were OK there. The food were actually pre-prepared and reheated when you place your order. So the food were served quite fast. You may try for few dishes, as it's in small portion (for 2 pax only). However, I would like to remind you that the drinks & rice served is too expensive - at RM1.80 / drink and RM1.80 / big rice & RM1.00 / small rice and the portion is again very small. So I guess I wouldn't be back for another trying as I preferred freshly prepared food, rather than reheated food!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Our first movie with En Qi

Yesterday, we brought En Qi for "2012" movie at GSC IOI Mall.
Daddy has be looking forward for this movie for weeks and managed to bought the twin seat tickets on Friday. (Initially we wanted to watch on Friday, but too bad all tickets were sold off!)

Bringing my girl for a date isn't an easy task. I've did some earlier preparation:-
1.Cook early for the lunch & feed twins
I fried some bihun with vege and fish & chips for the family.

2.Coax my boy, Kiam Hong as we will not bring him along as he tends to play tantrum in public easily and afraid that he'll cry in the cinema as he's afraid of dark.
(My mom is here to help me with my boy so she plays with him in the room while we sneaked out from the house for the movie. Quite bad this mommy!)

We reached IOI Mall at 2.15pm, an hour early for the show. So we brought our little angel for a walk. She enjoyed much by her own and refused me or hubby to hug her or even hold her hand! We went to Popular book store for a quick walk (Thought of buying some books for twins, but no sales is on so will try to go to Summit USJ Popular warehouse sales for a second round.)

Sharp 3.15pm, we headed for our movie. I've not been for movie at IOI Mall for years!They've renovated it with new cinema mall in the new building and it was so nice!
My girl was so excited as we walked passed the posters along the pathway. She wanted to touch & play with it ^_^

Once we reached our seats,immediately we feed her milk.
She began to sleep once the movie starts, I guess maybe too tired or getting a nap at this hour. We were worried initially if she'll cried due to loud sound system or dark in the cinema. But I guess all this were none worries now as she's enjoying much in her sleep and wake up by 5.00pm (My hubby was holding her all the while and complaints with pain muscles...poor hubby)

We enjoyed very much for the show but I felt sorry for my boy as we've to leave him along at home with my mom. Maybe as time goes by, my boy will be better and we can bring twins for another movie and I'm sure it'll be more fun & merrier ^_^

(This is the photo I took for my boy, once we reached our apartment. He saw us with En Qi and starts waving his hand with us ^_^)

Some nice shots at IOI Mall

(Little En Qi still energetic after the movie.)

(En Qi posing with daddy at the front door of the restaurant. Nice balloons decoration and my girl can't help peeping on the balloons ^_^)

(En Qi is very excited whenever she steps on the escalator. She'll starts walking very fast whenever she sees it!)

(En Qi is so excited posing at the shopping mall)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My boy down with rashes

Last Sunday, I've noticed my boy with tiny little dots at his back. I thought it's the fake measles due to heaty and would went off after a day or two the most.
But when I went home after knocked off from work yesterday, I noticed that my boy's chest and his arm with rashes and he's playing tantrum and starts scratching his neck and body.

Terrified of Hand, Mouth Disease, we brought Kiam Hong to clinic for checkup. After an hour of long waiting period, it's our turn to meet Dr Leong. After Dr Leong's inspection, we were relief. He told the rashes was due to allergy (could be food or anything), it will gone off after applying some cream & taking the medicine.

Today I checked my boy's body, the rashes went off a bit, but the neck still with some dots on it. Hope my boy will recover soon ^_^

Monday, November 23, 2009

Gu gu's big day (21 Nov 2009)

I've been busy for weeks due to new projects and also doing some preparation for my SIL's wedding as she'll be using our small apartment for her wedding.
My in laws were here last Thursday & our small apartment were very merrier with lots of relatives coming in for a gathering.

Twins were excited initially but as the house were crowded with people and more noisy, twins started playing tantrum and not even willing to step out from the bedroom.Twins were just sticked to me & hubby where ever we went. They were just willing to play in the room and poor twins also not willing to eat with their grandparents / uncles / aunties ~Sigh! Poor twins slept ~ midnight for couple of days and manage to catch up a nice sleep only after my in laws went back to Penang.

Finally, the big day arrived as pretty Ah Huang Gu Gu is getting marry on 21/11/09.
(My twins were playing tantrum as they were not willing to snap photos with her & her hubby ~ Sigh!!) In my opinion, holding a family fathering once in a while is good to let twins getting to know their own relatives and to explore them to strangers. However, sometimes is very hard to control kids especially relatives when things could go out of control especially in noise pollution..haha.
I guess practise makes perfect as time goes, we'll have more wedding gathering in near future as hubby has 7 siblings all together ^_^
Just hope things will get even better next time and if can definitely not in our small apartment again!

Photo Session on 21 Nov 2009

(Twins with my hubby's family)

(Twins with their grandparents - Ye Ye & Nai Nai)

(Twins at the restoran playing with their balloons while waiting the dinner to be serve)

(The one and only recent family photo we took, too bad my girl is not willing to pose nicely)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feeding time with Daddy (Backdated posting)

30 Oct' was daddy's birthday, we didn't celebrate as daddy was busy entertaining customer that time. I just bought a "Hazelnut Chocolate" cake for the normal occasion. Twins were excited when they saw the birthday cake. "Mum Mum" they were yelling all the time, till daddy feed them.
It seems that twins were not having enough for the cake ^_^

Daddy feeding twins with passion & love.

New Study Table Set

Just bought 1 set of 3V Study Table Set from Tesco last week, since they are offering at RM59.90 / set. (I survey from Carrefour, the same set at RM99.90 while Jusco is at RM79.90) Initially, I wanted to buy the round table from Ikea (at RM129.00, while the chair at RM49.00/unit), which I think quite costly at time being since twins not able to "utilize" the table & chair properly. So I just bought a cheaper one for testing instead.

Thought of training twins to sit & eat properly during meal time and at the same time, teaching them to read. However, it seems that this is my dream at time being as twins treat the study table set as one of their "toys". Twins will be pushing the chair & table from one end to the other end happily & starts playing with their other toys ~ Sigh!

Photo Session (Playing with the table set)

I'm in doubt have I selected the wrong study table set now, or it's not appropriate at time being. Just wondering if any mommy can share on how to teach my twins to eat properly & also guiding me how to teach them in reading ^_^

Friday, November 6, 2009

Pampered Little Girl

My girl, En Qi is a pampered child, especially with her grandma (my mom).
She'll just sticked to her whenever she saw my mom!
On a fine evening, she just rest in my mom's leg & starts with her finger linking good and start shaking her legs & putting up her legs ~ Sigh!
(Some photos as proven, please just don't blame me when you get older..haha)

Any mommy can advise on how to stop "finger biting" in my girl?
I find it very annoying yet when we try to put her finger out, she'll just starts crying loudly ~Sigh!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Playing Ball with Malay Neighbour (Backdated posting)

I personally felt that relationship within the neighbourhood is very fragile in an apartment. We hardly communicate, will only give greetings when we saw each others.
However, luckily my nearby neighbour - Puan Azizah is a very friendly lady, with 4 kids. Her kids will peep to my twins when they see them. My twins will do the same peeping on them too - cute!

Last Sunday, while on our way back from dim sum with Jovin, their boys were playing ball in the apartment corridor. My twins walked towards them when they see a "BALL". We've a small one, not the big one. Twins eyes sparkled when they saw chance playing with the ball, especially Kiam Hong.

Took a snapshot on my boy kicking the buy with Azizah's boy.
Hope we've another soccer game in near future ^_^

Meeting Up with Jovin Jie Jie (Backdated posting)

I've been busy lately, as you can see I've been away from my blog & also MSN.
Been dazed off and even lazy to updating my post.

Jovin (our ex colleague from JB) has been with us on 23~ 25 Oct 2009.
She's a very nice & friendly friend whom volunteer to take care my twins with my mom while we are working in the day time. Twins were fond of her and even insisted her to feed them during mealtime, not even my mom or myself.

Twins will just sticked to her like honey bees. How I wished she could stay a little bit longer & taking care my twins ^_^ On her last day at our house, I'm trying to take some photos, the photo session is not satisfying, with twins moving around & peeping for video shows. Just manage to grab a few, but not a nice one for remembrance. Hope while twins get older, we are able to travel to JB to meet our friends there ^_^

Photo Session with Jovin Jie Jie