Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Heart to Heart Playgroup @_@

I've started to enroll twins to a playgroup by July. It happened so fast - I read from Jessie's blog about the playgroup - called the organizer & decided to take twins there. On the first day - we were late for the playgroup as papa dropped us there after sending JY to nanny's place. (And, being late there wasn't nice at all with people staring at us. Luckily Jessie called up my name & we were able to chat for a while, and I was much relief later on.)

I was a bit "unknown" what to do when I was there, as the playgroup was attended by lots of MM + kids & the room was small to occupy all. It was crowded. My twins were a bit shock & don't know what to do during the first day, mainly is because the it was English medium & my twins can't understand at all. My twins stared & smile when the teacher & the kids speaking English with them @_@ and I regretted now why shouldn't I speak English much earlier than this!

Communication is a problem to my in laws if we would let twins speak in English medium, as they can only understand simple English & they mainly speak Teochew. Main reason I've not implementing English medium in my house is due to this, I don't want my kids unable to communicate with their granny, grandpa, uncle & aunt later on, as well as their cousins.

I brought my mom along with me for the second class, as I need extra helper to take care the twins. Papa need to work this days & he was too busy to join along. The second class was about WATER. Twins did potato stamping that day. Teacher Teresa was assisting EQ for it as she saw EQ only wants green color instead of others. Well, green is EQ's favorite color, whatever things which is in green & when she saw it, she wants it - Sigh! While KH wants only red color for the stamping, not other than other color.

Twins learn to do fish too, with color paper by sticking it on card board. I let KH do by his own for the thing, I just advise which to go about.On the other hand, it seems that my mom is more "fun" joining the class asking EQ to do this & that, haha. I told my mom as this is a Montessori based playgroup, we must let the twins try by their own & let them do the things themselves. Sometimes, we the adult decide too much for our kids. Why not let twins have little fun in the class & decide what they plan to do, no harm isn't it?

Twins have so much fun doing the crafts! I observed that EQ is with very talented in color matching, she'll choose the color for the crafts & the drawing! Could it be due to "fashion"..I wonder?

Let's see twins masterpiece :-
b.Potato stamping (did once at the playgroup & again this morning)


a.My twins still unable to speak English in the second class.
b.However, they are more easy going with the class now, compared to the first one.
Keep going & gambateh, I hope they can do better in the future classes!

If you want to know more about the playgroup, please refer to this link :-

Monday, August 8, 2011

About last week - JY's birthday

On JY's birthday, papa was away for outstation at JB. I didn't buy any cakes for JY as we had celebrate it earlier for the lunar birthday & w/o papa at home - I felt a little bit of lonely, haha. My twins were "big enough" when we told them that papa is away for business trip, but not for JY. JY was looking for his daddy midnight & crying loudly - I had a bad sleep that night - how I wish papa is just next to me @_@

Papa rushed back to KL the next day - very early morning - left at 6am & reaching KL by 9am! Yes, I was shocked when I called hubby when I just dropped off JY at nanny's place. He told me he was waiting for me for breakfast in the office! Lovely, haha - just the two of us ^_^

I showed hubby about JY's photo is ASTRO XTY - I just saw it once in the TV & manage to grab the photo. If you observed it nicely, you'll find that JY looks very small in the photo - yes, indeed this was the photo taken when he was just 5 months old ++. Well, it seems that we didn't take many photos for JY & the photos taken wasn't that nice too, so I just picked this one. So that's the reason for it & I'm happy to receive Irene's sms on 04/08/11 too - she told me she saw JY's photo in XTY & send me her birthday wishes for JY. Thanks Irene ^_^

We brought JY to Edaran Tan Chong Motor for the Nissan's car discussion. JY seems very active in the exhibition hall -he was moving non-stop to touch the posters & etc. I has a very hard time maintaining him in good position during the discussion. I decided to make a move & took JY to the "kid's corner". They had a small play-ground for the kids in the hall. Good - at least can kept JY occupying the time while papa finished the discussion with them.

JY was excited riding the "toy", and he was greedy too, he was trying to grab another one while he was sitting on "one". He was singing & baby talking too while playing the toy. I manage to recorded out & show to hubby, can't stop laughing when seeing the replay. We will just have to admit that our JY is indeed a TIGER - energetic & active ^_^

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, JY

Well, JY will be officially 1yr old by tomorrow.
We've celebrated the lunar one by 24/07/11 (the same week while I was just discharged from PPUM). We had a simple family gathering with my own family + BIL (the one which is close to us).

JY has grown up so much this days. He has started with solid food of porridge 3-4 times a day, cereal 1-2 times a day at nanny place. In the early morning & night time, he prefers milk - in this few days, we've given JY 5oz Pediasure for a try & so far he seems OK with it - touch word. Will need to observe for 1 more week & see if he's OK with that & to fully switch him to Pediasure, as I've < 10 bottles of BM for him.

JY is more active this days. He started to join twins whenever & whatever twins are doing, he'll love to join for the fun. Unfortunately, twins esp KH is unhappy with his "little surprises", twins tend to ran away when the little brother wanted to join them to play @_@

JY is able to lean firmly, compared to last few weeks but still unable to stand. But, he's doing great with the Fisher Price's walker (which was used by twins last time). We just put him on the walker & he's able to "sit & walk" by his own - bravo JY. (I shall try to upload more of his photos in this, while I still can, because he's trying to snatch my camera when I'm taking the photos - Sigh!)

Still have lots to drop out about JY's progress... a mother will have endless to talk about with her kids..haha, especially me a mother to 3.

JY, hope that you've a blessfull birthday - 平平安安, 健康就好了 ^_^